Woman, 56, Dragged To Central Prison For 1.9 Kilograms Of Cocaine By: Yassah J Wright


The Monrovia City Court Judge Ben Barco, has sent to jailed a fifty-six (56) years-old woman identified as Rita Satta Williams, who was arrested by the Liberian Drugs Enforcement Agency (LDEA), and for the possession of 1.9 kilograms of Cocaine. According to the LDEA charge sheet, on June, 15, 2024, at about 11: 20am, suspect Williams, a Liberian-Netherlands resident and CEO of Euphrates Enterprise, dealers in Household and Electronic material at the ELWA highway, was arrested in plain-view. The LDEA investigation established that upon intelligent gathered at the Clay check-point, Bomi County, Officers of the LDEA assigned at said check point while traveling from Guinea, Sierra Leone and to Liberia with a morrow suitcase containing 1.9 kilograms substances of cocaine. According to LDEA reports, upon suspect Williams arrest, she was duly informed of her constitutional rights and subsequently transferred to the headquarters of LDEA in Monrovia for thorough and details investigation. During the LDEA preliminary investigation conducted with defendant Williams admitted to the crime and that the substances tested and established as cocaine arrested and seized was bought by her (Williams) from one Lady T, a Guinean and Nigerian men. Accordingly, suspect Williams revealed that she paid the amount of fourteen thousand united states dollars for the four (4) plastic bags of cocaine to be taken to Holland and Netherland where she now lived. LDEA reports says that the cocaine was examined and tested at the LDEA headquarters laboratory and was established in her presence that it was cocaine. The LDEA investigation said that cocaine is one of those drugs, controlled and deemed as grave offense under the new penal law of Liberia as amended and included there to drugs and controlled substances act of 2023. LDEA reports pointed out that the appraised black market value of cocaine was established to be one hundred and two thousands six hundred united states dollars (US$102, 600.00) or it its equivalent in Liberian currency at Nineteen Million four hundred and ninety-four thousand Liberian dollars (US$19,494.000.0). In view of the above facts with the physical evidence, 1.9kilograms of cocaine seized and arrested in the possession of suspect Williams, the LDEA as a statutory investigative and intelligent led security entity in Liberia, is left with no alternative but to charge her with the crimes: Unlicensed sale, Delivery, Distribution, Dispatched in Transit, Transportation of Contelled Drugs or Substances, Unlicensed Possession of Controlled Drugs and Illicit Trafficking of Controlled Drugs in violation of section 14.85, 14.89 and 14.93 respectively. For her part, suspect Williams said she went Guinea in May, 2024, to open store by doing clothes business and she met one of her friend called Lady T, and the friend told her (Williams) to do drugs business which she later told her friend Lady T, that she will think about it. The suspect said when she came to Liberia, she and Lady T was in communication and they explained to her in details that the cocaine drugs get fast money in Europe because plenty people there can buy it. Suspect Williams narrated that in June 2024, she went back to Guinea to meet Lady T, and they met to the same store and they all talk about the price and including packages. The suspect revealed that Lady T was company with two men, one from Nigeria and the other one from Guinea, and they brought the drugs to her. “We all went in their car and I paid US$14, 000, for the four (4), plastic bags of cocaine and I brought it to Liberia to transport it to Holland in Europe” suspect Williams explained.

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