Weah Returns Home -Poises To Speaks On Societal Ills By: Julius Konton


Former Liberian President George Weah has returned to the country following a one month and five days’ family vacation.Touching down via the Roberts International Airport early Tuesday afternoon, February 27, 2024 in a white suit and was well received by a sizable but cheerful Liberians, Mr. Weah said he is glad to be back home after a successful family vacation.  Speaking briefly to the Press, he told reporters that he is back home and is ready to speak about the ills in the Liberian society. His statement may further intensify the political flame on the  already heated debate relative to the controversial tenure saga as initial pressure could be mounting on the one month and few days old government of President Joseph Nyuma Boakai.  According to him, he is back and to do his party’s work, mainly to put his political party to where it suppose to be. Speaking about his vacation, he stated that he had a happy family time with his son, Timothy Weah in Torin, Italy. “We had a good time, we played Ludu and other games and Timothy was happy to see us at his home for the first time since six years when we were then working for the Liberian people,” he further explained. The former Liberian leader who did not make mention some of the ills he will speak about in the coming days, weeks and months  was unable to use the newly constructed and dedicated Clar M. Weah VIP Lounge which he officially turned over to the new government at the eve of his departure from government as no official reasons was given by the current government up till press time. Also speaking about his awards, he stressed that he acknowledged those awards which he continues to win over time for his good and hard work for his people.  ” I did not go there but I heard about the awards and I appreciate them and over the years, I have been a hard working man in Africa and the globe at large as the most recent awards were not strange to me,” he added. As the political corridors of the country look already charged especially with the Tenure Officials saga, University of Liberia indefinite closure amongst others and with Weah’s welcoming statement of returning to speak about the ills in the society, it appears like in the coming days, weeks and months, it will be heated politically with reactions, counter-reactions as well as responses to characterize the corridors of the country. With the return of the former Liberian leader and with his assurance to come and work for his party, the main opposition,  Coalition for Democratic Change,  the Headquarters of the CDC will once be busy and a home of political activities. Meanwhile, the CDC flag bearer returned home with his wife, former First Lady, Clar M. Weah, son Champ Weah and former Maritime Boss, Lenn Eugene Nagbe and former Chief of Protocol at the Executive Mansion,  Amb. Nora Finda Bundoo and former Special Presidential Aide , Sekou Kalasxo Damaro.

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