Violence leaves security wounded at Buchanan port


A tense argument at the Port of Buchanan on Friday, June 14, 2024, has left one security guard injured thus sparking investigation by the Liberian National Police.  Aloysious Y. Smith, a security officer at Buchanan Port, recounted a harrowing experience when he was caught in the midst of a violent clash. Smith reported that he responded swiftly upon hearing commotion within the port premises. “I rushed to the scene to understand the reason for the disturbance,” Smith told Ablee-Jay Media. “Upon arrival, I encountered Justin Tarr wielding a belt amidst the chaos.” According to him, the situation quickly escalated. “Justin began swinging the belt, and unfortunately, I was struck, sustaining cuts and wounds to my hands,” he explained. “As the argument continued, Justin fell and sustained injuries to his face.” Justin Tarr, a port worker, had previously alleged mistreatment by port security personnel.  He claimed to have been physically assaulted and dragged by security officers earlier on the same day. This incident has intensified scrutiny on the security protocols and practices at Buchanan Port. The Liberian National Police have launched an investigation into the incident to ascertain the sequence of events and determine culpability.  Meanwhile, tensions remain high at the port, with authorities and stakeholders emphasizing the need for a thorough investigation and measures to prevent similar incidents in the future. The Buchanan Port community awaits further developments as the investigation progresses, hoping for clarity and resolution in the aftermath of this troubling incident. Ablee-Jay TV

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