Three Charged For Negligent Homicide In Death of Mother


Three suspects in Gboh, Yederobo, Maryland Country have been incarcerated for the commission of negligence homicide in connection to the death of their mother.

The three suspects are identified as Isaac Toe who is believed to be in his late 30s; Friday Toe, 36; and his girlfriend only identified as Martha.

They were charged following investigation by the Crime Service Division of the Liberia National Police (LNP) in Pleebo for the death of their 53-year-old mother Elizabeth Toe.

According to the police report, the 53-year-old woman met her untimely death following a fistfight between her two children including her in-law in the evening hours of Thursday in Gbon.

The argument triggered when Isaac Toe accused his younger brother and his girlfriend of stealing his cassava from his farm in the morning hours, witnesses accounted.

Residents of the town told the Liberia News Agency that the trio were engulfed into a prolonged argument over the matter and that they were prevented on numerous occasions from engaging into a fist fight. However, at about 7:00 p. m., the argument intensified, leading to a fistfight among them.

Their mother Elizabeth Toe attempted to separate them when she tragically collapsed on the scene due to what is believed to be an overwhelming stress during the fistfights.

When community dwellers noticed that she had fainted, they reportedly rushed her to a community health worker in the area but he immediately referred them to the Yediaken Clinic few miles away from the town.

Upon arrival at the nearby clinic, Madam Elizabeth was pronounced dead by health workers, an issue that sparked serious tension on the evening of Thursday, August 9, 2023 as residents of nearby communities trooped to scene in Gbon.

Although medical report has not confirmed the actual cause of her death, however, it is alleged that the late Elizabeth Toe may have died as a result of elevated pressure.

Following the occurrence of the incident, the town authority quickly invited the LNP to calm the tension coming from the youth and other residents of nearby towns and villages.


The Town Chief and others have managed to escape with the suspects to avoid potential threat to their lives. Isaac, Friday and Martha were turned over to the police on the same night and taken to Pleebo for investigation. Last Friday, the police along with representative of the Maryland County Health Team examined corpse. The remains of Madam Elizabeth has since been turned over to the family and subsequently buried. Source: LINA

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