Swedish Scholars Network Host Post-Election Peace Dialogue Elects New Batch of Officers


In an effort to address the aftermath of the 2023 general and presidential elections, the Swedish Institute Alumni Network Liberia (SIANL), with the support of the Swedish Institute, is set to host a one-day post-election peace and reconciliation dialogue on Friday, February 2, in Paynesville City. Gathering at the New Hope Community on Peace Island, over 100 participants, predominantly comprising students and young individuals, will delve into the theme of “Maintaining the Peace: A call to Young People in Post-Elections Liberia.” Reverend Augustine S. Akoi, Senior Peace Ambassador and founder of the Better Future Foundation, will facilitate the dialogue, fostering group discussions and presentations among attendees. Recognizing the lingering divisions and tensions from the 2023 elections, the Swedish Scholars Network believes that this dialogue is pivotal in fostering social cohesion, political stability, and sustainable development. The network members are confident that the event will play a crucial role in shaping a harmonious and stable political environment, promoting civic engagement, and laying the groundwork for sustainable development. According SIANL, elections are democratic processes that come and go, and after them, citizens must maintain their unity as a people, especially the young people. “We see this pending dialogue as an investment in the future well-being of both the youth and the nation as a whole, and we thank the Swedish Institute for supporting us to make this happen,” the network said in a release. SIANL, a registered professional non-governmental and non-political institution, is comprised of Liberians who benefited from the Swedish Institute Scholarship for Global Professionals. Having studied at various Swedish universities and residing both in and out of Liberia, the network aims to strengthen the Sweden-Liberia partnership through sustainable development initiatives. Caption for the letter to be published tomorrow. Please find small space at the back for the caption and refer to the page of the letter.  Justice Ministry’s Letter to Surrender Senate Secretary Nanborlor Singbeh to Face LACC’s Indictment

PICTURE: Partial view of SIANL members last year following an electoral symposium for young voters in the 2023 general and presidential elections                   



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