Snowe Resurrects Boakai’s Private Jet Headache


It has been more than a week since President Joseph N. Boakai returned from the United States using a private jet which sparked public concerns. Liberians in and out of the country expressed shocked to see President Joseph Boakai flying a private jet when he (Boakai) once criticized then former President George Weah for flying a private jet. Some argued that President Boakai should not have gotten a private jet since the Unity Party came on the marta of change after the CDC-led government misbehaved. On Wednesday morning, May 15, 2024, President Joseph Boakai was seen boarding a private jet, tail number CN-SYA, bound for Guinea Bissau. The Minister of State for Presidential Affairs informed reporters at Roberts International Airport that President Boakai was on a one-day working visit to meet with Guinea Bissau’s President, Umaro Sissoco Embaló, to discuss issues affecting the ECOWAS region. Flight records show that the jet arrived in Monrovia from Morocco late Tuesday night, coinciding with President Boakai’s return from the United States. The jet then took him to Guinea Bissau, making brief stops in Freetown, Sierra Leone. the Ministry of Information, Culture, and Tourism (Micat) has come to President Boakai’s defense, saying that the President’s actions were in the nation’s best interest. Deputy Minister for Technical Affairs Daniel O. Sando, who addressed the media during a regular press briefing on Thursday, May 16, 2024, argued that while the code of conduct applies to public officials, it does not specifically target the President, who represents the country in official capacities. He argued that President Boakai’s use of a private jet did not come at the nation’s expense, unlike previous instances where public funds were used to charter such aircraft for personal gain. Sando highlights the distinction between Boakai’s diplomatic engagements abroad and his return to Liberia, arguing that the President’s actions were justified in bilateral discussions with international partners. He stresses that Boakai’s decisions were carefully considered and aimed at addressing Liberia’s critical challenges, including economic revitalization and social stability. Despite the government’s attempts to justify the President’s actions, questions linger regarding the consistency of its response to allegations of code of conduct violations. Critics argue that the administration’s defense appears inconsistent and reactionary, suggesting a degree of flip-flopping in its handling of the matter. As the controversy unfolds, the public remains divided, with some expressing concern over potential ethical lapses while others defend the President’s actions as necessary for the country’s progress. Amidst growing scrutiny, the government faces mounting pressure to provide clarity and accountability regarding President Boakai’s conduct. Now, Bomi County Senator Edwin Snowe has sharply reacted to the government statement claiming that the private jet President Boakai used recently was sent to him by the President of Guinea Bissau. Bother Minister of Information and Presidential Press Secretary told the public that President Boakai did not chatter a private jet was speculated, stressing that the private jet was given to the Liberian leader by his friend who is the president of Guinea-Bissau. On the contrary, Senator Snowe has disclosed that Guinea-Bissau does not own a private jet claiming that no ECOWAS summit was held in the country when President Boakai made his visit there. There has been no reaction by the government yet on the matter, as IPNEWS is still making efforts to have the Ministry of Information officials’ statement on this latest revelation by Senator Edwin Snowe. Recently, Senator Snowe and some other Senators reunited with the former ruling NPP when it opened its new offices in oldest congo town. It is not clear what has prompted Senator Snowe’s latest statement. Courtesy: PNEWS

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