Senator Joseph wants US$3m buy 17 fire trucks for the 17 Districts in Montserrrado


Montserrado County Senator Saah H. Joseph has proposed to the Plenary of Liberian Senate to allot US$3 million to purchase fire trucks for the 17 electoral districts in Montserrrado County . Senator Joseph stated that fire situation in Montserrado has reached emergency level and providing fire trucks in the 17 districts will adequately response to fire disaster in the communities within the districts. The Montserrado County Lawmaker made the statement Tuesday when he communicated to Plenary to consider his proposal in the Senate Chamber on Capitol Hill. He noted that the destruction the fire situation has affected more lives and properties which are more than US$3 million that has been proposed to purchase these trucks to help fight fire situation in the various districts in the county. Senator Joseph said the lack of fire fighting trucks and station in the various districts are affecting the ordinary citizens who houses have been gotten by fire and lives and properties result of no measure put in place to curtail the situation. He explained that it was the grace of God that save him when his house gotten fire recently, so he knows what it meant about fire situation which have been wide spread every night and day in various communities in Montserrado County. He maintained that his office will officially write President Joseph Nyuma Boakai and meet to discuss the fire situation confronting county and it can be resolved. Senator Joseph emphasized that it is difficult for him to sleep at night these days due to the unfortunate fire disaster experienced. He stressed that providing the 17 fire trucks to facilitate fire fighting in the county will go a long way to prevent the level of destruction of fire victims are go through in communities across the county.

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