Rep. Attoh-Wreh Candles Muslims In Kakata


Hundreds of Muslims in Kakata City, Margibi County have gathered for a reconciliation meeting with their District #3 Representatives at the 55th Legislature,  Ellen Attoh-Wreh. The meeting, amongst others, brought together Imams, Muslim Women, Youths and other Muslims Clerics at the Mosque in the Mandingo Quarter community last Friday.  Mr. Mohammed Alieu Bility, representative of the community, said the gathering aimed at holding a frank conversation with their Representative at the Legislature for reconciliation, following the outcome of the 2024 elections which they believe brought about some mixed feelings within their community. Mr. Solaiman A. Barry who represented the Muslim Youth Community of Dist #3  was in attendance, along with the Muslim Women representative, Assata Dunor. They have called on their Representative to see all persons of the District as one people. The two, however, lamented that during the elections in 2023, though some of their faith-based brothers participated in the elections, they did not abandon Representative Attoh-Wreh, thus, what has happened, has happened, and there is a need of oneness in the spirit of reconciliation. Mr. Omaru Jalloh from the United Dawah Umah of Liberia, Margibi County, also made a statement at the occasion, calling for unity amongst Muslims in the county.  The United Dawah Uman of Liberia is a faith-based civil grouping for the promotion of Islamism and its virtues between and amongst Muslims of different ethnic or traditional persuasions.  Imam Abraham Massalay in his supplication for the District also called for unity amongst Muslims of the district seeking Allah’s favor and blessings. The Imam along with the representative of the Margibi County Muslim Council called on Representative Attoh-Wreh to use her influence in government to ensure that Muslims in the county are represented at the level of the county local government leadership. Meanwhile, Representative Attoh-Wreh, climaxing the occasion, said she sees a Muslim community in her district as one people. The lawmaker intoned that though during the elections many found it difficult to continue their support to her because there were other Muslim contestants; she holds nothing against anyone, and now there is a need for everybody to work together for the good of the district. According to her, fact that the Muslim community has gathered in the manner and fashion as they have, she feels the spirit of oneness and reconciliatory people want the good of the District. She further committed herself to work with everyone, stating that she intends to be a leader, not ruler. She then disclosed that the Government of Liberia in the budget process has considered US$100,000 for  developments in the District. The lawmaker said the development monies when available, citizens themselves will have to meet and decide which project they want to execute. She  called on district residents to begin thinking about impactful projects to do in the District as the government raises the monies in its fiscal budget. The Marbigi County District #3 lawmaker then presented to the Muslim Community, a payment receipt of a lot of land, proposed for the construction of a Muslim Women Clinic in the District.  The presentation of the land to Muslim community brought about a huge appreciation from the residents, thus resulting to Islamic jingles being voiced in a sportive slogan and the show of anxiety to their lawmaker. 

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