Remember Your Campaign Promises


LIBERIANS ARE PAINSTAKINGLY watching campaign ecstasy across the country with sumptuous promises coming from candidates wanting to either occupy the highest seat of the country, or those longing for the Senate or the House of Representatives’ seats.

WE ARE AWARE that no campaign for any public office would be held in every electioneering period without candidates making exciting promises to the electorate for the sole purpose of conjuring people for votes.

MIND YOU, WHILE the electorate would beam with smiles as a sign of gratitude for what they have not seen or realized, such assurances would certainly tend to hunt elected officials when what they had promised cannot be fulfilled during their tenure.

OFTEN TIMES, BROKEN promises had led to the defeat of elected officials seeking reelection in the future; this becomes a payback from the electorate whose decision reminds the very politicians of their misdeed. 

INASMUCH AS PROMISING the electorate to win their votes is no crime, reneging on fulfilling promises candidates made during election campaign undercuts one’s integrity and lessens chances for reelection due to treachery.  

WE WISH TO therefore alert all candidates in the October 10, 2023 presidential and legislative elections to be mindful of promises they make during the campaign period because when elected, the anxieties and expectations of the electorate would border on the execution of the assurances for better living  conditions .


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