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Open Letter to the President-Elect, H.E Amb. Joseph N. Boakai H.E. Amb. Joseph N. Boakai President-elect Republic of Liberia  January 15, 2024  Mr. President-elect:  From all indications, it is noted, unfortunately, that most of our contemporary policy-makers who unexpectedly catapulted in top executive positions though unconventionally method, do not actually research to know their functions, thus disregard rational advice, thereby creating managerial and analytical weakness or failure on their part. Your Excellency, since the advent of the division of labor, specialization and the art of organized management, functions related to these policy makers require rational, informed, and timely decisions. Mr. President-elect, these people, most of whom are assistant ministers, directors, etc, are considered “technicians” for their bosses, particularly to you the Chief Executive. As the advisories on Economic matters/issues require crucial decisions in achieving the predetermined goals and objectives of the institution, these technicians who serve as counsels/consultants should be able to render services relevant to the following annotation.

  1. The collection, analysis, evaluation and disseminations of all relevant Economic/Financial information for the development and formulation of policy necessary for informed and defined guidance.  2.  Objective review and evaluation of Economic/Financial amendments of existing Economic/Financial policies for consideration and decision making.  3.   Economic/Financial problems analysis and definition with proposed solutions options and the consequences or impact those options on the desired goal;  Well, Mr. President-elect, economic decisions making is very tedious particularly in this economic recovery period in post-war Liberia, wherein economic decisions are interrelated to political decisions in that in the public setting, political decisions often depend on and are expressed through economic activities; therefore economic policy development and formulation have become standard operating procedure in modern management. Your Excellency, these “technicians” need to be professionally vingilant, in that the success/failure of any institution/organization depends on proper financial economic planning and implementation.

 Moreover, Mr. President-elect, you need not to be told that development and refined analytical tools of macroeconomics have enlightened and illuminated the rational economic decision-making, which require the basis for these “technicians” to make sound technical policies that would promote the performance of the offices of their bosses. Mr. President, as you go on with your appointments, please be mindful of these five big ministries: State for Presidential Affairs, Finance and Development Planning, Justice, National Defence and Foreign Affairs. Also, be careful with who goes to the Ministry of Internal Affair, which is one of government’s strategic entities.     In this regard, Sir, I strongly want to advice you to employ the services of ‘people of competency’ and not ‘people of competence’ to aid the Presidency in rational economic planning and analyses (i.e. revenue, taxes, monetary, and fiscal policies analysis) formulations in collaboration with other institutions of relevance, in order to achieve the Government’s desired goal, AREST.  “Change is hand at first, Messy in the middle and Gorgeous at the end. Congratulations Mr. President-elect, may God guide you and save the state.

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