Pro-Media Group Seeks AB Kromah’s Dismissal


A pro-media group under the banner ‘Association of Liberian Journalists in Peace Building’, has begun a crusade for the immediate dismissal of the Director of the Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency (LDEA), Col. Abraham Kromah. The group in a release issued on Wednesday, May 1, 2024 in Monrovia, asserted that its attention has been drawn to the cold-hearted attitudes of Director Kromah and his Deputy Hassan Fadiga. According to them, whilst it is true that they, as a pro-media group welcome the rigid fight against the menace of drugs and urge every Liberian to follow suit, such fight cannot and must not be done at the detriment of innocent and peaceful Liberians about whom the very fight should be. Accordingly, Col. Kromah recent actions in tackling drugs and substance abuse in the country have completely undermined the actual intent of the President’s vision in seeing a drug freed society. “Fellow Liberian, it is now glaringly understood that Col. Kromah’s fight against the menace is selective, most often arbitrary, uncivilized and ones only intended to implicate innocent Liberians, evidence is the most recent actions by the LDEA Boss involving him and a Liberian lady who was pepper sprayed along with her child,” the released said.  It continues: “Another incident has got to do with a ploy targeted at a promising young industrial Liberian entrepreneur who happens to be the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Magic Group of Companies, Mamudu S. Dabor, alias Sweet Baba at the Royal Hotel in Monrovia.” The released further added that on the orders of Col. Kromah, Baba with no connection to drugs whatsoever was invited, harassed and pepper sprayed by Hassan Fadiga, stressing that Mr. Dabor has written the United States Embassy near Monrovia, court, Senate and House Committees on security and Intelligence amongst to complained of blurred vision as a result of the action meted against him and some of his employees. “Mr. President, the Association of Liberian Journalists in Peace Building is also demanding investigation into the latest drugs case at our Airport believed to have been arrested by the LDEA and the whereabouts of the suspect, especially a case related to a relative of the Sierra Leonean President,” the released noted. Accordingly, if there must be a society for all Liberians, it should be based on equal opportunity for all, the application of the rule of law impartially and not witch-hunting innocent citizens perceived of being drug dealers. “In view of the above and so many unlawful and uncivilized actions by Col. Kromah, we are calling on the President to with effect, dismiss him, which would end a stronger deterrence that there is indeed no business as usual as professed by you, Mr. President,” the released stated. In conclusion, the pro-media group noted that it would also serve as deterrence to those contemplating on abusing the law against innocent citizens, thus calling on all its affiliating institutions to carry on a complete media blackout on Col. Kromah till the President takes the necessary action.  

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