ANC, MPC Want Boakai Adhere To Supreme Court’s Directives


Opposition politicians Simeon Freeman and Alexander Benedict Cummings have rubbished and given a red card to Joseph  Nyumah Boakai for what they termed as rubbish, false, hypocritical, deceptive and misleading speech called 100- day deliverable written by the Unity Party praise singers, greedy and desperate individuals  to make mockery out of the ordinary citizens and  the beloved country Liberia.  “Food prices are double- double like a church pastors collecting offering and tithe. Transportation and gasoline prices are growing like an agricultural plantation with enough filterlizes.  Lawlessness, violence and death rates from police brutality against the ordinary citizens are on the increase in Liberia, our country.  Our people are becoming more jobless on the daily basis, and our people being dismissed from their jobs unlawfully and unprofessionally without any due diligence. Police brutality against the ordinary citizens is uncontrollable in Liberia. Nepotism, tribalism, favouritism and discrimination against our people are flowing like a waterfall. Witch hunt is becoming visible on the daily basis. Everyone wants to make decisions without any legal process. Spending the country resources on muddy roads constructions, and when get into the rainy season, the roads condition become worse than before. Why are you blaming the past government when you told us that everything was going to be well under your Administration?”, They stated. At the same time, they mentioned that the Unity Party Administration of President Boakai will not do anything better for Liberia, but only live on lying to Liberians who are not informed and those who are not living in Liberia.  Is laughable enough to hear Joseph Nyumah Boakai justifying his failed 100- day deliverable to our people,” the opposition politicians noted.

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