Physically Challenged Mother’s Daughter Raped


It has been a tearful moment for a Physically Challenged mother in Buchanan whose 15-year-old daughter has been allegedly raped by a Nigerian National. Elizabeth Wheagar told reporters during an interview that the Nigerian National allegedly had sexual intercourse with her daughter in the anus at his  Dark Forest Field Community resident recently. The crying mother in a sad mood lamented that lack of funding to pay lawyers is her biggest challenge in seeking Justice for her daughter. “I am a physically challenged mother but the action of the Nigerian man has broken me down totally and I am not sure I will get justice because I don’t have money,” she indicated. She further said: “I am calling on women groups and other female lawyers to join me in this fight to ensure that justice prevails for my daughter.”  Madam Wheagar explained that her daughter also needs medical intervention; adding that the alleged forceful penetration in the anus of her daughter has led her to continuous bleeding which she claimed is unstoppable. “I am afraid to lose my daughter, I need justice and support to treat my daughter, “ she noted. She also noted: “I have come to call on people to help me! I don’t have anything and I am a bread seller who is struggling to send my kids to school.”  However, the victim’s mother could not disclose the name of the Nigerian National, but said he is a top businessman with a very hard name. Yet, investigation has revealed that the alleged perpetrator has been arrested and forwarded to the Upper Buchanan Prison Compound as he awaits court trial. Meanwhile, Ablee-Jay Media said it remains committed to the investigation. By: Wroinbee Elton Tiah/PC Credit : Innis


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