Oscar Bloh Compromised ECC Neutrality – CSNL Says


 The Civil Society Network of Liberia (CSNL) has issued a release describing the Chairperson of the Elections Coordinating Committee (ECC), Mr. Oscar Bloh as a compromised advocate for electoral transparency and fairness in Liberia, and calls for his immediate resignation as head of the USAID sponsored independent electoral institution. Providing the CSNL’s position on the much talked about video linking the ECC boss, Mr. Oscar Bloh to the Unity Party, the Civil Society Network of Liberia stated: “The Civil Society Network of Liberia is highly disappointed that Mr. Oscar Bloh, who was supposed to be an independent man was seen in the Warroom of Unity Party, sharing sensitive electoral information with Mr. Amara Konneh, Campaign Coordinator of the  Unity Party. This revelation exposed how Mr. Bloh is a compromised party bigot and unprofessional sellout, who is bent on using  his position in favor of the Unity Party. This action by Mr. Bloh has the proclivity to undermine the credibility of  the National Elections Commission (NEC), and cause electoral violence”. The Civil Society Network of Liberia press release furthered: “Since the Elections Coordinating Committee (ECC) was established as Liberia’s main independent elections transparency advocacy institution, the Civil Society Network of Liberia calls for the immediate resignation of Mr. Oscar Bloh as  Chairperson of the institution. For the protection of the independence and credibility of the ECC, mostly supported by the US Government and other international partners, Mr. Bloh needs to exercise the  high moral action to resign. He has broken public trust, and cannot continue to serve in such neutral role”.  Meanwhile, the Civil Society Network of Liberia wishes to use this medium to inform the US Government, the major sponsor of the Election Coordinating Committee (ECC) that the over 1.3 million provided to the ECC to protect Liberia’s democracy, is being used by Mr. Oscar Bloh to undermine the country’s electoral process, which is an important element of democracy. Mr. Bloh is using the American People taxpayers’ money to initiate electoral malpractice which has the propensity to instigate violence.  Any position statement, report and all other documents from the Elections Coordinating Committee (ECC), under the signature of Mr. Oscar Bloh should not be given credence by all well-meaning Liberians and our International partners, as it lacks all elements of credibility and integrity.  Therefore, we demand the immediate cessation of funds to the ECC until Mr. Oscar Bloh resigns, and a total rebranding of the institution is done to restore independence and credibility.  In conclusion, the Civil Society Network of Liberia says it remains committed to speaking against the ills of the Liberian Society, especially issues bordering around the peace and stability of Liberia. Winning elections should be the will of the people, and not from electoral machinations and manipulations.

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