The former chairperson for the political action group in support of a Joseph N. Boakai (JNB) presidency, JNB Tact Team-2023, Ms. Telia J. Urey, has slammed JNB’s Unity Party (UP) efforts to regain state-power, as one without direction, strategies and resources during the campaign period leading to the 10 October presidential election. Telia, who, due to unresolved dissatisfaction over choices and decisions made by Boakai, recently broke ranks with the UP camp dubbed “Rescue Mission”, has averred that for the lack of proper campaign messaging, the former ruling party’s “Rescue Train” has resorted to screaming insults at others, instead of clearly informing Liberians what the Unity Party stands for, where she’s headed with her campaign, or what the party would do if elected to national leadership following the 2023 elections. She accused Boakai and the Unity Party of hiring the services of those she referred to as minions, whom she claimed are running all over social media like headless chickens; exposing how perpetually empty the UP campaign is. “No direction. No strategies. No resources,” Telial said of Boakai and the UP’s campaign, noting that such campaign is just toxic, rude, and exudes entitled attitudes that would be rejected and disgraced. “You won’t have space here to throw us further into a mess in this country. Rescue my foot.” Telia further slammed JNB and the Unity Party.

Earlier, the former JNB Tact Team-2023 chairperson had taken to Facebook to indicate that the official campaign period of the 2023 elections had gone a week, yet, Boakai and the Unity Party were unable to announce a full campaign team or campaign schedule. Howbeit, the UP, following a failed attempt last week to announce a comprehensive campaign team, has announced that it would do so today. But Telia retorted that in the absence of a full campaign team from the UP, the party has those she described as clowns all over Facebook insulting individuals including her, who are not contesting even a Town Chief job, talk less of vying for any elective post during the 2023 general and presidential elections. She bemoaned the present state of the former ruling Unity Party, as opposed to when former President Ellen Johnson-President presided over the party as its political leader and standard bearer, indicating, “see what President Sirleaf’s Unity Party has been reduced to today. A party that was once flooded with intellectuals is now hanging on a Martin K. N. Kollie for PR. ITS SORROWFUL MEH! #WEAK.” Source: smartnewsliberia.com

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