MPC Youth Chairman Expelled Over Weah’s Reelection Endorsement


The Opposition Movement for Progressive Change (MPC), has dismissed its National Youth Chair for endorsing incumbent President George Manneh Weah, reelection bid. The MPC in a release issued in Monrovia stated that it takes exception to the representation by its Youth Chair at the formal endorsement of President Weah without the consent of the MPC National Executive Committee. In a communication dated November 15, to Mr. James Freeman, National Youth Chair, a copy obtained, notes that the action to attend the endorsement of president Weah’s reelection without the consent of the National Executive Committee of the Movement for Progressive Change (MPC), is tantamount to inappropriate Representation of the MPC. “This, consistent with the organic statute of this party, you have violated Article XII, Section III-A.” A statement from Hon. O’niel Paasewe,  MPC National Chairman read. It may be recalled, James Freeman, Youth Chairman of the Movement for Progressive Change (MPC), alongside nine other Youth league of opposition political parties on November 6, signed onto the document labelled as the Consortium of Opposition Political Parties National Youth Leaders and their Executive for the re-election bid of President Weah. Toe, the Youth Chairman of ALCOP reading the endorsement statement said they just don’t want to be part of the wave of supports coming from many well-meaning Liberians. Rather, Liberia is at what he terms as a critical juncture and they as young Leaders must provide the best direction for Liberia adding that they have resolved to make President Weah re-elected. “As unrelenting and irrepressible young people of the consortium of opposition political parties’ national youth leaders of Liberia, having met on many occasions, discussing the need to join our political forces to bring forward a presidential candidate that we all will support, canvass for, and that will win the presidential run-off election comes November 14, 2023, in Liberia,” Toe said. He added: “These discussions have been held in good faith from all sides pertaining to the social, economic and political future of our country, oh yes! vis-a vis the future of the young people of this country.” According to him, amid the challenges, the government has made some strides during the six years of by laying the foundation for the future development of Liberia something he must be solidified. “Whereas many young people of our country are now holding senior government positions and are making sound decisions for our collective survival which must be celebrated and encouraged,” he said. Toe added that the future of Liberia cannot be left with those who took the country to the dungeon, reduced young people to beggars, and used them as “political condoms”. He added: “It must be left with a person who has elevated and added value to the young generation of our country.” The Youth Chairman of AlCOP said President Weah is Liberia’s foremost peace icon, developmental king and youth empowerment giant evidenced of his exceptional dedications to youth empowerment and the wellbeing of every Liberian. “This leader is the best between the two in this run-off election as his enviable character resonates through the length and breadth of this country. We want the world to know that we find this run-off election very essential and key to the growth and future development of our country and therefore, we can’t wait but make known our decision, we can’t wait, but work together as this is the only realistic means by which we can succeed as a people, we can’t wait but make our country to continue on this unprecedented trajectory of development and youth empowerment,” he said. “We the young people of the consortium of opposition political parties’ national youth leaders hereby announce, proclaim and declare to our nation, and the world at large, in a manner unprecedented that the elections of November 14, 2023, is no more an issue, that we have found the nation’s next president, and that person is no one other than his excellency president George m. Weah. He added: “We call on all our supporters, cadres, militants and the young people in general to join this national endeavor to prevent our country from slipping back in the hands of squanderers, economic vultures and a fragile old man, and ensure that President Weah is elected to the presidency of Liberia.” At the same time, the National Chair of the National Youth League of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change, Emmanuel Johnson welcomed the opposition youth leaders and termed the move as something to emancipate the people of Liberia from a Unity Party ‘third time’ rule. The initiative to convince and bring on board youth leaders to the CDC for President Weah’s re-election was an idea from the youth league, Johnson said. “We have realized that the second face of the liberation struggle (runoff election) as announced by the National Elections Commission would require dialogue, convincing young people, reestablishing inter-personal relationship with them and creating an environment where they feel safe,” he said. “Long before now, these political parties have their own constitutions, bylaws and philosophy and we are grateful to them for seeing the CDC as the only viable means to achieving the needed development and economic empowerment the Liberian people so desired,” Johnson said.

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