Minister Diggs To Benefit Weah, Boakai Deal?


In a recent development, sources have reported that President Weah and President-Elect Boakai have come to an arrangement regarding the appointment of officials in the upcoming Boakai-led administration. Among notable individuals suggested for potential appointment is said to be Commerce Minister Mawine G. Diggs. Accordingly, Diggs is reportedly being recommended for either retaining her current position or be appointed to a lucrative role within the new administration. However, since assuming the position of Commerce Minister, the Ministry has faced  enormous challenges as there  have been concerns regarding a decline in the ministry’s effectiveness and the subsequent negative impact on the overall value of the institution. While further details regarding the specific arrangements and potential appointments are yet to be disclosed, this particular development involving Minister Diggs and the Commerce Ministry highlights the significance of ongoing discussions and negotiations within the government. As the transition of power approaches, it remains essential to closely monitor the decisions being made and their potential implications for the future functioning of key institutions. In the meantime, a top Boakai source has said any attempt to implement such a deal will damage the anti-corruption standing of the incoming Boakai regime. The sources who begged not be named said he hopes such news is incorrect, adding that “if true, it will be the beginning of the falling of the Government.”  Source:

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