Min. Quamie blasts LFA President By: Thomas Kojo Roulhac


Deputy Youth and Sports Minister, G. Andy Quaime has blasted the Liberia Football Association President Mustapha Raji for not listening to critical football stakeholders who are spending their hard earn money in the country. Raji at the Liberia Football Association 28th Congress, accused football stakeholders of not being sensitivity to the many transformations and developmental initiative under taken by the football house under his leadership. However, his statement was debunked by his  ally Andy Quamie who was quick to call him to order to stop being boastful and begin to listen to criticism coming from football stakeholders. He believes dead ear is one of the reasons leading to Raji downfall as President of the local football house. “Mr. President, we are not blind or stupid so stop the big show and listen to critical people who want the good for our football” he said in a angry mood. Minister Quamie further that there is no human who is error and corruption free, but their willingness to correct those mistakes and listen to criticism will help them improve in other areas.  He believes for football to improve, the Executive Committee and the Stakeholders should Continue to dialogue to find a common ground that will continue to exist football development. ” To run football in Liberia is a huge task so you must give a listening ear to those that spending their money” he said. According to him, club owners have deprived their families on many occasions just to sustain the operations of their clubs in the interest of football.

“Young people in every category are playing football in Liberia today due to the sacrifices stakeholders are making because of their passion”.

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