Massive Demolition In Water Ways, Wet Lands Recommended

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The Plenary of the Liberian Senate has mandated its Joint committee on Public Works, Mines and Energy, Natural Resources and Environment as well as Public Corporations to invite the Environmental Protection Agency, Public Works and Disaster Management Agency to submit plans to solve or minimize flood disaster in the country; especially in Monrovia where the situation is alarming. The decision was triggered by a debate on a report submitted to Plenary by a   Joint Committee on Public Works, Mines, Energy, Natural Resources and Environment as well as Public Corporations. Plenary recently mandated the Joint Committee to probe into a complaint filed by Monsterrado County Senator, Saah H. Joseph   regarding severe flooding in Monrovia and its environs which according to him, is destroying properties and displacing several residents. Following the debate, the Plenary of the Liberian Senate, endorsed   the Joint Committee recommendations  which amongst other things called for the  responsibilities   and efforts of the Ministry of Public works, Environmental Protection Agency, Liberia Land Authority, National Disaster Management Agency, Ministry of Justice, City Corporations and other concerned Agencies   to be properly coordinated through the establishment of an institutional framework to effectively address the flood issues confronting victims and to mitigate the effects of floods. At the same time, the Joint Committee called on the Government to carry out effective awareness campaigns, from time to time to educate the public about the zoning laws and environmental laws as it relates to flooding and human activities that aggravate the flooding situation. The Committee also recommended a massive demolition of buildings already constructed on wetland, waterways, and alleys causing massive flooding in line with laws appertaining thereto among others. Meanwhile, Plenary has also mandated its Modernization   Committee to work out a workable plan for the establishment of a new Capital City, a recommendation that was also included in the Joint Committee’s report. By: J Yekeh F Kwaytah/ Latest News231

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