Marriage Certificates, Deeds To Be Digitized


An international group called Family Search International signed a memorandum of understanding with the Center for National Document and Records Agency (CNDRA) for the digitization of marriage and land-related documents. On Thursday, November 9, 2023, Hon. Emmanuel A. Lomax, Director-General of the CNDRA, signed on behalf of the agency. The three members of the delegation were Mr. Brian W. Braithevaite, Records Acquisition, Africa; Mr. Thomas M. Nelson, Records Acquisition, Africa; and Mr. Richard P. Dadzie, Area Manager, Family History Department for West Africa. The main office of Family Search International is located at 50 E North Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah, in the United States. On behalf of the Liberian government, the Director General of the National Archives greeted and thanked the visiting US team. DG Lomax said the MOU seeks to ensure record security and digitize records in the country.

“As I sign this instrument today, I hope it’s going to be a renewed commitment on the part of both parties to ensure it works in the interest of even future generations. We hope to enhance this partnership for the common good of our people,” he added. The process of converting paper-based records into electronic documents, known as digitization of records, lessens the laborious burden of managing and maintaining records, along with other important related issues.   By: Kaipee Luther Newray (

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