Man, 23, Arrested -For Allegedly Taking Juju Materials to Rerun Election Venue


A 23-year-old man has been arrested and handed over to the Township Commissioner in BeoLonto, District #4, Nimba County, on suspicion of carrying a bag filled with items believed to be associated with witchcraft to the voting precinct where the rerun elections are taking place.

The individual in question, identified as Darius Gonkartee, hails from the nearby SiaplayLonto community.The contents of the bag he was found with included a picture of one of the representative candidates, cowrie shells (gamble seeds), horns, chains adorned with red cloths, and a lock of hair, among other items. According to K-News’ reporter on the scene, the man claimed he was sent by one of the representative candidates. BeoLonto has recently been in the spotlight due to confrontations between supporters of rival candidates contesting the elections, who stormed a building containing the ballot boxes with votes cast at a precinct in BeoLonto Public School with code 33258. To ensure that residents can exercise their right to vote, the NEC decided to conduct a rerun. K-News reporter in the town has confirmed that voting has already commenced, with people lining up to cast their ballots. This is a developing story, further details will follow Source:

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