“Make War, Economic Crimes Court A Legacy “, War Crimes Court Lead Campaigner Adama Dempster Asserts By: Julius Konton


The Coalition for the Establishment of war and economic crimes court in Liberia has  call on the CDC led government to make the Establishment of the War and Economic Crimes Court a Legacy before turning over to the Unity Party in 2024. The group through its lead campaigner Adama Dempster wants the Coalition for Democratic Change CDC as a ruling party to  draft a letter which will served as LEGACY and Affirming their long time advocacy to be sign by President George Weah, as part of his government turning over note; as well as calling on the UN, US, EU, ECOWAS and AU to assist Liberia with financial and technical support in setting up a War and Economic crimes court in Liberia.  The group said its attention was drawn towards call from Acarous Gary to protest on Inauguration to call for the establishment of war and economic crimes court in Liberia. The Coalition for the Establishment of War and Economic Crimes Court in Liberia however reminded   Moses Acarus Gray that during his 12th years tenure at the House of Representative in the Liberian National Legislature and while serving in the position of Chairperson on Executive would have been the perfect time for him to have proffer the bill or policy for the court to be established. “Especially, the fact that Rep. Gray and Coalition for Democratic Change CDC top officials, including President George Weah, outgoing Speaker Chambers, Chairman Mulbah Morlu, Secretary General Jefferson Koijee are on record for advocating for the establishment of war crimes court, during their days in opposition, but never highlighted same while in leadership, but rather allegelly undermined the resolution that was submitted by other member of the house of representatives”, Mr. Dempster noted. The group stated that the last six years, Rep. Gray served as the third most powerful man in the House of Representatives within the Legislature and in such position nothing could have stopped him from leading the campaign for the court to be established but disappointingly the only single resolution calling for the establishment of the court presented by the Committee on Claims and Petition chaired by outgoing Rep. Rustonlyn S. Dennis was not alledgedlly signed by Rep. Gray, though over 52 members of that body signed the resolution.  However, Speaker Chambers, the lead Campaigner  said an astute executive of the Coalition for Democratic Change CDC refused to put the resolution on the floor for Legislative Discussion and Voting until the elections that booted them out. He siad given the latest interest of Rep. Gray to see the court establish, there are still perfect opportunity for Rep. Gray and the Coalition for Democratic Change CDC to encourage Speaker Chamber to put Rep.  Dennis’s Resolution and the Liberia National Bar Association LNBA bill calling for the establishment of the court on the House’s Floor for immediate action before the Unity Party led-government takes over in January, 2024. The lead campaigner believe the level of energy going into a protest at this time, is totally unproductive and will not serve any purpose because the failure of Representative Gray and the CDC is counterproductive.  Mr. Demoster stressed that the plight of the victims and survivors groups, transitional justice experts and other international groups on the gains made thus far and is totally unnecessary and will only delay the ongoing progress being made by war crimes court campaigners to see the court establish in Liberia.

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