LTA Signs QOS Regulation – As Consumers Stand To Benefit Improved Service Delivery By: Julius Konton


Consumers in the Telecommunications Sector of Liberia will now have added value and benefits for their money especially from Service providers following the signing of the Quality of Service Regulation otherwise known as “QOS.” The document considers historic and a landmark achievement for authorities at the LTA is the first of its kind since the existence of the sector in early 2000. The regulation, according to the Chairperson of the LTA,  Edwina Crump Zackpah, is the Authority’s testament and dedication to improving the lives of the people through digital connectivity. Speaking during the signing ceremony  Madam Zackpah said the regulation underscores their commitment to inclusivity and equality by holding telecommunications service providers accountable for the quality of their services especially to the people.  She indicated that by setting standards for network performance, call reliability, internet speed and other essential metrics, they will not rest until every Liberian have access to high-quality Telecommunications services, regardless of their location including socioeconomic status. “This regulation is not just about meeting bench mark but it is about empowering individuals, businesses and communities respectively,” she added. The signing of the important document the LTA head stated also marks a crucial step forward in Liberia’s digital transformation journey. “This is a journey towards a future where every Liberian has the opportunity to thrive in a connected world and it is also a journey towards prosperity, innovation and progress, “she further emphasized.  Madam Zackpah, making reference to the recent optic cut in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, which left Liberia and few other countries paralyzed,  was also quick to highlight the critical importance of reliable Telecommunications infrastructure as the foundation for economic development.  She indicated that such development enables entrepreneurs to start and grow businesses, students to access educational resources and healthcare providers to deliver vital services to the people respectively.  “Today, we take a big step in ensuring that your phone calls are clearer, your internet is faster and your overall Telecommunications experience is better,” she told the larger population.  The LTA head, at the same time, used the occasion to reassure the population through its regulatory mandate  to work in ensuring that every Liberian no matter where they are but will benefit from reliable and high quality Telecommunications services.  Also speaking at the signing ceremony was the Acting Chairperson of the National Telecommunications Consumers Association, Julius Luke who commended the LTA for the  laudable  step taken especially in the interest of the consumers. He, at the same time, disclosed plans by his organization to also launch a quality of service exercise in order to ensure that service providers are on par with the regulatory body for the betterment of the people.  The signing ceremony was also witnessed by service providers who  hailed the LTA for such initiative and pledged to work to ensure the implementation of the new regulation. They however appealed to the LTA to exercise some flexibility with them in executing the new mandate especially at a time when they are facing some international optic cut crisis and or challenges.  Meanwhile, the Chairperson on Posts and Telecommunications at the House of Representative, Ivar Jones, who also praised the LTA for the timely step taken for the sector, also encouraged them to do more. The Margibi Lawmaker stressed the need for the people to get their fair benefit from their little investment; as such, he urged service providers to play their part for the common good of the sector.  With the historic signing of the quality of service document, it is now expected that service providers will improve their services to the people in order to ensure that the consumers benefit from their investments.

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