LRA Engages Taxpayers On Their Rights, Roles & Responsibilities


The Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA), through its Taxpayers Advocate Services Unit (TASU), has embarked on an initiative to foster meaningful engagement with taxpayers concerning their rights and responsibilities.

The establishment of TASU within the LRA aims to champion the interests of taxpayers by educating them about their rights and responsibilities as outlined in the Liberia Revenue Code.

Speaking at a recent event hosted at the Liberia Business Association (LIBA) headquarters in Paynesville, Somo G. Howard, Acting Manager of TASU, assured taxpayers that the unit exists to support them and safeguard their rights.

Key among these rights are the protection of taxpayers’ privacy and confidentiality of their information, the entitlement to be treated with professionalism, fairness, and transparency, and the guarantee to pay only legally mandated taxes.

Senior Tax Advocate, Sarah Lamin, emphasized that TASU has undergone transformation into a robust unit designed to enlighten taxpayers about their significance in maintaining compliance. She underscored TASU’s commitment to collaborating with taxpayers to collectively address the challenges they encounter while striving to fulfill their tax obligations.

Further, Paul Hinneh, LRA’s Chief Legal Counsel, took the opportunity to reaffirm the LRA’s unwavering commitment to supporting taxpayers through education and advocacy, facilitated by the TASU.

“The Taxpayers Advocate Services Unit serves as a conduit for LRA’s direct engagement with the public, enabling everyone to recognize their role in advocating for their interests and resolving the everyday challenges faced by taxpayers,” stated Cllr. Hinneh.

In parallel, James Strother, President of the Liberia Business Association (LIBA), expressed enthusiastic support for the LRA’s proactive approach through the TASU, particularly its initiative to identify and resolve issues at various customs entry points in collaboration with customs officers.

The event also witnessed positive responses from several business-owning taxpayers, who commended the establishment of TASU by the LRA. These taxpayers pledged to contribute their experiences and concerns, fostering smoother business transactions and enabling effective solutions to arise.

Liberians Need Peace And Unity, Nothing Else…

FOLLOWING MANY YEARS of devastating civil war that elapsed in August 2003, Liberia has yawned for sustained peace and stability, putting behind violence and destruction, recalling what the civil war had caused the nation and its people.

THREE PRESIDENTIAL AND legislative elections had since come and gone, ensuring that Liberia withholds democratic tenets to determine decision on the election of national leadership.

WE CHALLENGE POLITICAL actors that the relative peace Liberians have enjoyed since the end of the bloody civil war must not be thwarted for personal greed; call on your supporters, sympathizers and  loyalists  to demonstrates civility for a stable Liberia.

DISHEARTENINGLY, WE OBSERVE with disdain that hit messages have clouded our 2023 campaign, in our opinion, knowingly or unknowingly sanctioned by you the politicians.

REMEMBER, AFTER ELECTIONS, Liberia remains and the citizens still have to move forward to build our country.

WHATEVER THE CASE may be, amongst the twenty presidential candidates only one person will be announced winner, either first round or at a run-off.

WE PLEA THAT competing politicians calm their supporters to exercise restraints, bearing in mind there is tomorrow.

FINALLY, LIBERIANS NEED peace and unity, nothing else….  


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