Lofa County Caucus Chair Faces Critics’ Wrath


In the aftermath of the Lofa 2022 by-election, Senator Joseph K. Jallah assumed office, filling the void left by the disqualified former defense minister, Brownie J. Samuka.  Recently appointed as the Chairman of the Lofa County Caucus, Jallah’s leadership is under intense scrutiny, with a growing wave of skepticism emanating from residents of Zorzor and Salayea Districts. Since his official appointment on November 23, 2023, Senator Jallah has faced criticism for what some residents perceive as a lack of engagement with the community. A Talk Show hosted by Alternative Youth Radio- a local radio in Zorzor unveiled widespread doubts about Jallah’s capabilities, with a majority of callers expressing reservations about his chairmanship. Residents allege that Jallah remains uncommunicative and suggest external influences control him.  Voices from Luyeamai Town assert, “Jallah will never do any better thing for us in Lofa County because since he got to power, we can’t see him talk to anybody. He just keeps mute, and he is there with people controlling him, so I don’t think he will do better things for Lofa.” Similar sentiments echoed from Kponsangay, where a resident lamented, “We just elected Senator Kpartor for nothing. The senator can’t talk. People told us that we are just electing Jallah for free because he can’t talk, and it has come to pass.” Concerns are not limited to communication; residents fear a lack of development in the county under Jallah’s leadership. Skepticism is widespread, as voiced by a resident of Konia: “When they put Kpartor Jallah there, he will not do anything for us in Lofa County. This means that Lofa will not be better. We will not get any development in the county. So let Zargo wait.” Despite a promising team in the Lofa County Caucus, with representatives like Augustine B. Chiewolo, Gizzie Kollie, and Siafa Kpoto assuming key roles, the residents’ skepticism persists, attributing their concerns to the unfulfilled promises made by Senator Jallah during the election campaign. The independent candidate won the by-election with 22,019 votes (36.46%), but the lack of progress in areas such as road infrastructure, reconciliation, and opportunities for young people has left constituents disillusioned. As the controversy unfolds, Lofa County finds itself at a crossroads, with citizens questioning the effectiveness of their newly appointed caucus chairman and the realization of the pledged improvements.  By: Junior B. Kesselee/Lofa County Correspondent / knewsonline.com

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