Liberian Swedish Scholars’ Network Hosts Forth Inspirational Day Event As 4 New Scholars Depart for Sweden


The Liberian Swedish Scholars Network (SIANL) will hold its fourth Inspirational Day event on Saturday, August 12 in Monrovia. The purpose of this event is to celebrate both the scholars who are returning from studying in Sweden and those who are departing to study there. The event will be hosted at the residence of the Swedish Ambassador accredited to Liberia, H.E. Urban Sjostrom.

The Inspirational Day event was established four years ago by SIANL to bring together scholars who have studied in Sweden, those who are currently studying there, and those who are about to begin their studies. The aim is for these scholars to share their experiences, offering insights into life before, during, and after studying in Sweden. During the event, returning scholars will be installed as full members of the network, while departing scholars will be installed as associate members.

Swedish Ambassador Sjostrom and SIANL’s President Sam Samie Sumo will deliver special motivational statements during the event, providing encouragement and inspiration to the scholars. It’s encouraging to see the active involvement of the Swedish Ambassador in supporting the scholars’ endeavors. Last year, Ambassador Sjostrom challenged returning SI Scholars to give their best back to Liberia and work to cement the Swedish-Liberian ties through mutual cooperation.

The Inspirational Day event will also witness former scholarship recipients making presentations on various topics to motivate the outgoing scholars.

The number of Liberians benefiting from the Swedish Institute Scholarship has been increasing over the years. Since 2008, when the first Liberian received the scholarship, the number has grown to 52. However, in the current year, only four scholars will be departing for Sweden in August, in contrast to the 13 who received the scholarship last year.

The Network’s Communication Head, D. Kaihenneh Sengbeh, said the Liberian Swedish Scholars Network aims to increase awareness about the scholarship and the application process to further boost the number of Liberian students benefitting from it in the future. This will help in nurturing a talented pool of scholars who can contribute to Liberia’s development effectively upon their return, he noted.

As of 2022, at least 50 Liberians have had the opportunity to study in Sweden through the SI scholarship. The majority of these scholars have returned to Liberia and contributed to the country’s development impact fully, which highlights the positive impact of the scholarship program on Liberia’s educational and economic growth. Meanwhile, four new SI scholars are expected to depart for Sweden for graduate studies this month.

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