“Liberia Is Champion Of Peace In Africa” By: Julius Konton


President George Weah has reiterated to the golbal village that Liberia remains committed to being a champion for peace and democracy in Africa. Speaking at the sixty fourth summit of ECOWAS Heads Of State and Government, President Weah thanked his regional colleagues for the support given him during his six years as President of Liberia.   He proud his government and administration of working to promote genuine peace and solid democratic pillars. According to him, his government has demonstrated high level of maturity in helping to sustained and maintained the peace of the Country during the just ended crucial elections.  Speaking at the sixty fourth Ordinary ECOWAS Summit for Head of State and Government,  the Liberian leader urged his colleagues to grant his predecessor similar support during his six years in office . He at the same time extended an official invitation to ECOWAS leaders to witness his head over of power to the next President of Liberia,  Amb.Joseph Boakai , a historic second transition since the 80s in Liberia.  The program is scheduled for January 22, 2024. He stressed that he was proud to fulfilled a promise to have a peaceful,  transparent, free, fair, inclusive, and credible elections which  has been acknowledged by all stakeholders. “My party may have lost these elections, but the true victors, the true winners, are the people of Liberia, who have made their leadership choices of their own free will, The Liberian people have spoken, and we have heard their voices”, he added. Citing  biblical reference , he pointed out that “The Voice of the People, is the Voice of God”, and in his  view, the just ended elections have re-affirmed Liberia’s democratic credentials as a nation ,referencing  its continuing success as a post-conflict country.  Speaking further he indicated that although he is taking  leave of them with mixed feelings, because there is still much left to achieve, however,  he  is also  proud of the significant progress that has been made within the region.

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