lawmaker identify with resident of Gbofelah Community


Citizens of Gbofelah Community was seeing with joy and excitement as Margibi district #3 representative Hon. Ellen Attoh-Wreh, made a visit to the community honoring an invitation of inaugural program.

Residents of the community were not taken aback by Hon. Wreh’s visit, as she have consistently made impact in their lives over the past five years.

The visit created an opportune moment for community members to express their appreciation for the Margibi lawmaker dedicated service at the House of Legislature, however resident of Gbofelah left no room for doubt as they reassured her of their unyielding, steadfast, and unwavering support for the upcoming elections.

Meanwhile representative Ellen Attoh-Wreh reciprocated the sentiments of the community. She extended appreciation for the privilege of representing them at the House of Representatives and recognized the deep sense of trust they had bestowed upon her.

At the same time representative Wreh made available L$55,000 towards the construction of a much-needed pit-latrine facility that would significantly improve the sanitation conditions for residents of the area.

The gesture of communal support and improvement underscored her commitment to the welfare of the people she serves. Additionally, the youthful community members had reason to rejoice, as the lone female lawmaker of Margibi County pledged to provide them with two sets of jerseys and footballs, fostering a sense of unity, camaraderie, and physical activity among the younger generation.

As the day unfolded, Hon. Ellen Attoh-Wreh reiterated her unwavering dedication to serving humanity.

Her promise to the citizens of District #3 Margibi encapsulated her enduring commitment to uplift their lives and champion their concerns.

The jubilation that accompanied representative Wreh visit served as a testament to the profound impact she has made on the lives of Gbofelah Community’s residents.

As the 2023 General Elections draw near, her genuine connection with the people she represents stands as a compelling reminder of the power of dedicated and compassionate leadership.

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