Labour Minister Addresses World Ministers Forum In South Korea Labour Minister, Cllr Charles H. Gibson,


Labour Minister Addresses World Ministers Forum In South Korea

Labour Minister, Cllr Charles H. Gibson, has emphasized the pressing need to address the issue of youth unemployment and has proposed practical solutions to empower young adults and school-going youths.

Minister Gibson was speaking when he delivered special remarks at World Ministers Forum currently convening in South Korea theunder theme: “Enhancing Youth Empowerment”.

The Liberian Labour Boss remarks focused on the challenges being faced by the youth in Liberia and across Africa at large.

Minister Gibson also highlighted the dire situation faced by young adults in Liberia, where unemployment remains a significant challenge.

He informed his colleagues that the transition to young adulthood often coincides with early parenthood, placing immense responsibilities on them to provide for their families.

The Minister recognized that creating employment opportunities are crucial in alleviating the hardships faced by young adults, preventing them from resorting to criminal activities or seeking assistance from family and friends.

Minister Gibson furthered indicated that to combat the issue of youth unemployment in Liberia, the Ministry of Labour has identified the importance of vocational training and stressed that while skills training is vital, many young adults lack employable skills, hindering their chances of securing meaningful employment. He added thatin response to this, the Ministry has initiated efforts to encourage vocational training among young adults, equipping them with relevant skills that match the demands of the job market noting that by doing so, it will help to reduce unemployment rates and provide hope for a better future.

Regarding school-going youths, Minister Gibson addressing the challenges of anger and violence that often affect their well-being is a problem. He acknowledged that anger is a natural emotion, but it is essential to teach young people how to manage their anger constructively, ensuring it does not lead to violence or aggression. The Minister emphasized the significance of combining social and mind education to foster a well-rounded development of the youth. Moreover, the integration of skills education into the curriculum will keep young people engaged and occupied as well as reducing the likelihood of negative behavior.

Minister Gibson’s participation in the World Minister Forum has provided an opportunity to share Liberia’s experiences and learn from other nations facing similar challenges in youth employment the exchanges of ideas and best practices, Liberia aims to forge partnerships and collaborations to tackle youth unemployment collectively.

In conclusion, the Liberia’s Ministry of Labour remains committed to developing effective strategies and policies to empower the youth, improve their employability, and foster a stable and prosperous society. Minister Gibson’s engagement at the World Minister Forum in South Korea is a testament to Liberia’s dedication to finding sustainable solutions for the betterment of its youth and the nation as a whole.

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