Labor Minister Kruah Promises Preference For Liberians’ Employment


Labour Minister, Cllr. Cooper W. Kruah, has promised members of the Labour sector of Liberia to close ranks with all in charting a new course of professionalism in the conduct of the affairs of the Ministry, to ensure an effective and efficient Labor Sector. Minister Kruah noted that this will be characterized by respect for the rule of law, strong collaboration with partners and quality of service from employees for an improved labor sector in the country. The new Liberia Labour Minister emphasized the full enforcement of the Labor laws and the provisions of sections 4(a) of Regulations No. 17, which states Any informal sector employer, who employs an alien who is not in possession of a work permit and is not exempted, shall pay a fine of US$500 (Five Hundred United States Dollars) for the employer and US$250 (Two Hundred Fifty United States Dollars), for the unlawful employee and section 4 (b) of the same regulation, which also states, “Any formal sector employer, who employs an alien who is not in possession of a work permit and is not exempted, shall pay a fine of US$2,000 (Two Thousand United States Dollars) for the employer and US$1,000 (One Thousand United States Dollars), for the unlawful employee”

Minister Kruah was speaking on Wednesday, February 28, 2024, when he officially took over the affairs of the Ministry of Labour. “I must again emphasize, that while we wish to encourage the involvement of you, our foreign business and investment friends here in our labor economy, and allow you to explore commercial and trading opportunities, we wish to quickly state that the full compliance of our laws will not be over-emphasized, and that the safety, welfare and prosperity of our citizens will be our optimal priority, which will not be compromised.” Speaking further, the Minister said his agenda shall be: “Liberians first agenda; wherein qualified Liberian citizens will be afforded preferential opportunities, as they compete on the job market, with our foreign compatriots Regular, routine and non-technical job placements and vacancies at major companies and other investment entities in our country, will be occupied by qualified Liberians, or may only be occupied by foreign workers, if and only if, there are no competent and qualified Liberians available, after advertisements and by authority of the Minister of Labor, in keeping with relevant concession contracts, Mineral Development Agreements, and consistent with the Labor Laws of Liberia and MOL Regulation No. 17, all of which will be fully implemented”. He assured members of the Labour sector that their rights and investment portfolios of investors shall be fully respected and protected, equally, under our laws. “To The Liberia Labor Congress and to all Trade Union Members_ wish to pledge to all of you my unwavering desire and commitment to work collaboratively with the leadership and members of both the Labor Congress and Trade Union Groups, to ensure that decent labor standards and ethics, including fair labor practices are observed everywhere in Liberia and issues affecting contractors and employees. such as appropriate wages, contracts, overtime, leave, dismissals, recordkeeping, contractors, salaried employment, retirement, and retrenchment in the private sector, are fully addressed Harmonious working relationships between and among employees to employees on the one hand and employees to employers, on the other, will be encouraged, and all emerging issues and disputes will be handled speedily and fairly, in keeping with appropriate laws and regulations”. For his part, the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Labour, Grand Gedeh Senator  Thamos Yaya Nimley has underscored the need for the robust implementation of relevant labour regulations, specifically deeding with preference for qualified Liberians’ employment and containment of raising cases of industrial unrests across the country. Senator Nimley spoke in special remarks at the official takeover program by the new Labour Minister, Hon. Cllr. Cooper W. Kruah at the Labour Ministry in Monrovia. He expressed total confidence in the professional ability and experience of Minister Kruah in handling the affairs of the ministry and pledged commitment to his administration in enhancing the “ARREST AGENDA” of President Joseph Nyuma Boakai. The ceremony was attended by scores of government officials, foreign dignitaries, leaders of trade unions, representatives of employers, officials and employees of the Ministry as well as family members, including the wife of the Minister, Mrs. BenduKruah.

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