Kuoh, Weah LFA Presidency Gets Big Boost


The Movement with Integrity for National Development (MIND) is admonishing all stakeholders of the Liberia Football Association (LFA) to support the newly birth collaboration between Cassell Anthony Kuoh Sr. and Chris Weah for the LFA Presidency. The local football house is expected to go to the polls in 2026 to elect a new crop of officials who will serve that body for the next three years, something the group says will bring great transformation in the development of football in Liberia. According to them, Mr. Kuoh has over the years developed great passion and experience for football across the country and he is best suited to champion better sponsorship for the game both locally and internationally, adding that both he and Weah have vast experienced to serve as administrators of the LFA. MIND noted that Cassell warning to the Executive Committee of the LFA to withdraw from the US$2,000 sponsorship deal provided by Orange Liberia, a multi-million dollars company to promote its brand in the league is insignificant to develop effective football career for young Liberians, especially male and female players. The group stressed that football stakeholders should not allowed the resigning of Orange Liberia sponsorship deal for the league, but they should rather seek to support the election bid of the LFA former Vice President for Operation, Mr. Kuoh Sr. in order to improve and develop Liberian football, noting that the young people of Liberia have the talent for the game but lack effective investment. MIND maintained that electing Mr. Kuoh Sr. to head the LFA at this crucial time in Liberia is the best thing that will happen to Liberian football, thus taking the game to another level, especially when several Liberians think that the game is dying gradually.  MIND believed that the Chief Executive Officer of FC Kallon will strengthen the capacity of clubs technically and financially through better sponsorship so as to realized their investments in the  game in the near future. MIND pointed out that Liberia has produced a world best player who conquer the world of football nearly thirty (30) years ago, and now with advance technology and modern equipment in the game, players from Liberia can also move to the center stage of football again in Europe and other parts of the world.

MIND has challenged stakeholders in Liberia’s football arena not to lose sight of this opportunity which Mr. Kuoh Sr. want to inject in the development and the promotion of Liberian players to the rest of the world when he is elected as President of the LFA in the pending 2026 election. MIND acknowledged that Mr. Kuoh Sr. has established football academy for male footballers and he is also expected to launch another one for female footballers in order to develop their respective talents. Meanwhile, MIND concluded by calling on stakeholders of the LFA to support the collaboration of Cassell Anthony Kuoh Sr. and Chris Weah for better transformation and development of soccer in the country.

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