President George Manneh Weah who is given many nicknames by Liberians for his highly passionate development drives, has begun mobilizing and animating citizens to join his 2023 reelection train so that he continues to do what he is so widely praised and adored for.

President Weah is seeking another six-year mandate following a successful first six years term.

On Tuesday, August 8, the President in grand style began what ultimately will be a vigorous months-long intensive campaign process in electoral Districts 7 & 8. Not even the heavy downpour of rains could deter CDCians, supporters, and well-wishers to welcome the Liberian Leader and give him an unrestrained audience.

First beginning from the Jokpeh Town Market, President Weah and throngs of partisans from District 8 congregated on the Slipway playing pitch in Central Monrovia for the campaign rally showdown where he justified why he should be given another six-year mandate.

The CDC political leader told the mammoth jubilant crowd of partisans, mostly first-time voters, that he has done exceedingly and  abundantly in elevating the country’s development trajectory to unprecedented levels in his first term of office.

He therefore emphasized the need for Liberia to continue on that path of process in order to enhance and sustain the country’s emerging development landscape.

“I want to firstly thank you for the trust you put in me as your president,” he told the jubilant crowds. “In the six years of my presidency, I have accomplished a lot far more than any other president.”

He used the occasion to passionately rally Liberians to continue to anchor their trust and belief in him so as to move the country forward developmentally; to build more roads, to build hospitals, to continue to help parents keep their children in school through free education and enjoy the annual payment of WASSCE fees.

“I ask you, fellow Liberians, to put your trust in me once again; to believe in me, and to give me another mandate so that we better this country as we have already started,” Dr. Weah said.

“We must keep the country on this unprecedented development path under my leadership; the kind of path that Liberia has never experienced since its 176th existence.”

The President said Liberia has come a long way in development, peace, security, and economic progress, all of which he added must be maintained.

The President urged the people of Liberia not to lend ears to what he called “oppositions’ political chicanery of misinformation and disinformation” intended to distract citizens’ attention from his monumental achievements.

He said those in the opposition community are only good at painting a picture of negativity about him and wooed Liberians not to give credence to them as they have nothing to offer the country.

President Weah wondered why anyone would be talking about fixing or rescuing the country when in fact he has already rescued it from the 12 years of setbacks and plunder under the very past government his rival, Unity Party’s Boakai, served in as the Second in Command.

The President and entourage wended their way through the crowds into the densely populated Township of West Point where he told Liberians who assembled under heavy downpours of rains that though his opponents disparaged him as a mere footballer who had nothing to offer, he performed exceedingly well in the first six years than his predecessors—much to the shame and disappointment of the opponents.

“In my six years as president, you can see the unprecedented development across the country in the areas of roads construction, hospitals, and human capital development,” the CDC standard-bearer boasted.

He said that amongst the horde of presidential contenders, he is the only person who has been tested and proven to be capable of making Liberia what it ought to be.

The Liberian Leader therefore called on Liberians to trust him again because the country is on the road to prosperity.

The President said his greatest ambition is to leave a legacy of development and progress in every sphere of national existence and that it would be beneficial for all if all Liberians joined him in reelecting him to the Presidency.

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