Journalist Jackson’s Son Murderer Sent To Jail By: Yassah J Wright A 26-year old man, Aruna N. Jah who allegedly stabbed to death the son of popular talk show host Clarence Jackson of OK FM has been sent to jail.


Defendant Jah was incarcerated Monday, September 16, 2023, following his appearance at the Monrovia City Court. Talk show host Clarence Jackson appeared at the Court to witness the trial and subsequent detention of the man who reportedly murdered his son Allison Jackson. According to court record, on Saturday, September 30, 2023 at 8:45 PM, defendant Jah was arrested and charged with the crime of murder for causing the death of victim Jackson by stabbing him with a sharp object (Kitchen Knife) on the upper left chest of the victim, thus causing him to bleed profusely and subsequently succumbing to death. The court record said that at about evening hours a verbal altercation occurred between Maima Gibson  and her elder Sister Munah H. Dunbar at a local entertainment center in Virginia. The altercation however continued between the parties, until their arrival at the home of Munah H. Dunbar. It was at this point, Madam Jenneh Massaquoi who happens to be a neighbor of Dunbar and a best Friend of Maima Gibson appeared from her house after receiving several phone calls friend Maima Gibson.  Accordingly, the intervention of Massaquoi diverted the argument between Maima Gibson and her sister Munah H. Dunbar to that of Maima Gibson and Jenneh Massaquoi when she informed her best friend Maima that she was wrong in the form and manner in which she addressed her elder sister Munah using vulgarities. Accordingly, this remark did not go down well with Maima who responded harshly with insults which were similarly responded to by her friend Jenneh. However, the pair were separated by Maima’s Mother-in-Law in person of Madam Rachel Johnson who told them to stop the argument and go to their respective homes, but they both failed to pay heed to Madam Johnson’s advice and continued the exchange of invectives, this time insulting each other mothers.  In the process, Maima’s brother defendant ArunaJah Jr. arrived with a knife which he had collected from his bigger sister Munah’s place unknown to her which he attempted to assault Jenneh Massaquoi with but was prevented from doing so by some of the community boys present as well as Madam Rachel Johnson. While the exchanges of insults were still getting heated, Jenneh Massaquoi and Munah H. Dunbar who were already on their way to Munah’s sister Susan left the area. However in the process of the verbal exchanges, victim Jackson who was returning home at the time over heard the profanity between the girls and started making remarks concerning Maima Gibson unbecoming behavior, mentioning that she was the first to insult Massaquoi.  In that same period defendant Jah who also happens to be Maima Gibson’s junior brother appeared at his elder sister Dunbar’s house during the exchanges between Gibson and Massaquoi while they were leaving.  He later heard comments made by the deceased Jackson against his sister Gibson for which he got upset with him.  The argument between defendant Jah and deceased Jackson escalated and defendant Jah who already had a kitchen knife in his possession got irritated and ran after victim Jackson who was heading home and encountered him almost at the front of his house and pulled of the knife he had in his possession which he used to stab the victim once on the upper left chest and fled the scene leaving the victim  bleeding profusely thus eventually resulting to his demise.

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