IG Sudue Rubbishes Diverting US$9,000 Allegation By: Yassah J Wright


Police Inspector General, Col. Patrick Sudue, has termed as completely erroneous and misleading, allegations of squandering nine thousand United States Dollars belonging to officers providing security in Grand Cape Mount County.

Panelist on Spoon Network read a document on Wednesday, September 6, 2023 on its Spoon Talk Show addressed to the Ministry of Justice from the Liberian National Police , through its inspector General Col. Sudue requesting nine thousand United States Dollars to be disbursed to security officers in Grand Cape Mount County.

The money is intended to provide service to members of the Joints Security and LNP office who are on a peace mission in Grand Cape Mount County to mitigate and cautioned political electoral violence.

But, it’s was reported that Col. Sudue received the money and diverted it to his personal used and left the security in the dark.

However, responding to the allegations at an elaborate Press conference, Thursday, September 7, 2023 at the LNP headquarter in Monrovia; Police IG Patrick Sudue described the allegations as false and misleading.

Col. Sudue urged Journalists, especially Spoon Talk Show panelists to reached out to relevant authority whenever there is an information of allegations surrounding the institution or individual before it puts the station in a bad situation of not be trusted.

He maintained that the information released by spoon was erroneous and only intended to tenished his high earned character or reputation, adding that at no time he signed for officers money.

Col. Sudue admitted writing a communication to the Ministry of Justice requesting money to be disbursed to security in Grand Cape Mount County who are providing service.

But, he furthered denied receiving the money and diverting it to his personal used or benefits, adding that he can’t be wicked in such manner to people who are serving their country with dignity and proud.

” It’s true that I wrote the Minister of Justice requesting nine thousand for officer dispatch in Grand Cape Mount County. But, I didn’t receive any money and eat it” IG Sudue stressed.

 Moreover, Col. Sudue said the money was send to individual officers mobile money account because whenever they want to give money, Police officers put their bank accounts and mobile money account.

IG Sudue noted that officers in the county have received the money because the money was released by the Controller of the Ministry of Justice, through Mr. Newton Gaye, to individual officers for their up keep and stay in the county.

” I want everyone to know that at the LNP, I cannot signed for money. The money are given and signed for by the Controller. Since these elections, I have not signed for any money. Recently, the Ministry of Justice provided a cheque which is to be mature in three days. The money on that cheque is for officers at Center who will be providing service for political activities” he noted.

Meanwhile, Mr. Sudue said that the issues concerning political electoral violence in Lofa County, had being brought under control by the Joint security and the LNP.

“Nobody should panic. We want to have you inform that the situation in Lofa County, Vahum has being brought under control by the LNP and the Joint security. The LNP and the Joint security will continue to remain mutual in this election. You can rest assure that the elections will be peace but we all have to work collectively to maintain the peace,” IG Sudue noted.


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