“I Will Not Give You Fish, But I Will Teach You How To Fishing” Momo Cyrus Rally Lofians By: Julius Konton


Senatorial hopeful, Momo Cyrus has intensified his County Wide Campaign across Lofa County with multiple of endorsements flanked by massive turnout  of the people of Lofa in support of his election victory in order for him to represent them at the Liberian Senate.

 According to them, they sees him as the true redeemer of Lofa County.

Speaking during his campaign tour  Momo  Cyrus  promise his people of creating  more avenues if elected Senator of the County in order to make them self independent in the society.

“I will teach you how to fish but I will not always give you fish to eat”, he told his people.

The practical Senatorial Candidate as part of his self empowerment drive pledged to deposit   over Ten Million Liberian dollars in the local banks in Zorzor and Salayea districts for local  business people  to take loan.

He promise to work in their Interest if elected Senator and will  always seek consultations from them to ensure that  the needful for his people are done.

Mr. Cyrus said he is an independent Candidate and Lofa is his Political Party because his focus is the develop Lofa, Unite his people including empowering them and all can be done when he is elected as the middle man who can work with everyone and at anytime in the common interest of the County.

He re-echoed the need for them to make a wise decision by electing  him in order for him to deliver the County from darkness to Light, from poor leadership to proactive leadership and adequate representation, massive empowerment opportunities and from disunity among County officials to peace and unity amongst them.

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