“I am not dead but alive and health” Rep. Elect Clarence T. Banks debunks false death claims


Representative Elect of Grand Bassa Eelctoral district #2 Clarence T. Banks has confirmed to Ablee-Jay Media that he’s alive and healthy. Clarence Banks’ clarification comes as a result of several Facebook posts from Liberia claiming that he’s dead. Clarence Banks told Ablee-Jay Media that the News spreading on the social media and the district about his death is false and misleading. “I am not dead but alive and very healthy. I am calling on everyone to stop spreading false News about me”. Representative elect Banks mentioned that he’s being guided by God and he’s currently working to have the district connected internationally. Banks was recently declared winner for Grand Bassa Electoral district #2 by the National Elections Commission. He is expected to replace Madam Mary Karwor, wife of Chief Zanzar Karwor in January 2024. By: Elton Wroinbee Tiah

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