Human Rights Advocate Lauds Decrease In Campaign Related Violence By: Julius Konton


The Secretary General of the Civil Society Human Rights Advocacy Platform of Liberia, Adama Dempster has hailed Liberians for the decrease in campaign related violence across the country unlike before.

 Mr. Dempster said the manner and form in which cross session of supporters and partisans from all ends are conducting themselves in the wake of the ongoing campaign period is laudable and needs to be commended.

“Their actions thus far shows a high level of maturity and let me use this time to remain them to continue in such direction for the common good of the Country’s peace process”, he added.

 Mr. Dempster said the October 10, 2023 election is a big test for Liberia’s democratic process as such; it is incumbent upon all stakeholders and Liberians in general to join forces in order to help maintain and sustain the peace of the country.

He, at the same time, encouraged the National Elections Commission to do more in its civic voters education which he pointed out is key to the process.

Moreover, he challenged politicians to focus on selling their manifestos to the people and avoid attacking each other.

“People are entitled to their views and opinions and that is why they are choosing their respective political sides and it is also the beauty of democracy and needs to be welcomed and respected by all,” he added.

Mr. Dempster also re-emphasized the need to have a transparent, inclusive accountable and peaceful election which he believes when done will further help in strengthening Liberia’s democratic space.

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