Human Right Group Raises Alarms Over Budget Resubmission By: Staff Writer


In less than one month in office, the Unity Party led Government has suffered multiple   criticisms from the public both from the citizens and civil society organizations respectively. Amongst other things,  the public in general have been raising issues relative to slow and recircle  appointments,  transparency and accountability issues, national security , the health of the President as well as conflicting accounts from the past and current President regarding the consolidated account of the Country. As days go by, more concerns continue to pull in and the lastest is from a human right group code name: “Follow the money Liberia.  The group through its Country Director Samuel James Kpartor also expressed serious concern over the recent resubmission of the draft National budget to the Executive. Well According to reports, the draft budget was resend to the Executive to among other things ensure that the new plans and agenda of the Unity Party led government is directly captured or adequately reflected. However, The human rights group through its boss acknowledges the importance of fiscal responsibility but at the same time  raised critical questions about the necessity of revisiting the budget and the potential implications for effective governance.  He also emphasized the need for transparency and accountability in financial matters to ensure that resources are allocated judiciously for the benefit of the Liberian people. Comprehensively package in its statement, Mr. Kpartor at the same time registered a great observation over what he described as the lethargic pace of government appointments under the leadership of President Joseph Nyuma Boakai. According to “Follow the Money Liberia” boss, The absence of key officials hampers decision-making processes and impacts the government’s responsiveness to the needs of the people. Even though there have been over twenty appointments made thus far  , Mr. Kpartor stated that it is still decimal as such encouraged President Boakai to expedite the appointment process, emphasizing that a fully functional government is crucial for steering Liberia towards economic growth and development.  Among other things,  the human rights group  advocates for the inclusion of qualified individuals in key positions, ensuring a diverse and competent team will help  reflect the aspirations of the Liberian populace. “As we  endeavor to promote good governance and accountability, I also call  on the government to prioritize these principles in both budgetary matters and appointments”, Kpartor reechoed.  He at the same time stressed  the importance of timely, transparent, and inclusive decision-making processes to build public trust and confidence in the  Boakai’s administration. The Country Director of Follow the Money Liberia reaffirmed his organization’s commitment  to constructively engage with the new government including working towards a Liberia where resources are utilized efficiently and governance reflects the best interests of the people.

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