House Investigates Firestone Liberia


In response to concerns raised by Representative Ivar K. Jones of Margibi County Electoral District 2, the House of Representatives has taken decisive action to investigate Firestone Liberia Inc.  The investigation centers on alleged violations of Firestone’s concession agreement with the Government of Liberia relative to employment conditions, education and medical care provisions. Representative Jones brought to the attention of the House’s Plenary, the alleged discrepancies in Firestone Liberia’s adherence to the terms outlined in the Amended and Restated Concession Agreement of 2008.  He highlighted Section 9 of the agreement which mandates the company to provide free medical treatment, care, and attention to its employees and their dependents.  It was alleged that Firestone Liberia has failed to fulfill this obligation, but instead charging tapping contractor firms for medical care and imposing restrictions on the number of dependents eligible for such benefits. In light of these serious allegations, the House of Representatives, in plenary session Tuesday, 25 June, mandated its Committees on Investment & Concession, Labor, Good Governance, and Judiciary to conduct a thorough investigation.  The Committees will summon key stakeholders including the management of Firestone Liberia Inc., the Minister of Labor, and the Director General of the National Bureau of Concessions to provide explanations and evidence regarding the alleged violations. “The integrity of concession agreements and the welfare of Liberian workers are paramount concerns for our legislature,” Speaker of the House of Representatives stated. “We take these allegations seriously and will ensure a transparent and fair investigation process,” he noted. The Committees will scrutinize the evidence presented and subsequently report their findings to the plenary session of the House of Representatives. Based on the findings, legislative actions will be considered to address any breaches of the concession agreement and to uphold the rights and benefits entitled to Liberian workers under the law.

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