HoR Cites Education Ministry On Deaf, Visually Impaired Learning Status


The House of Representatives has cited authorities of the Ministry of Education to provide update about the overall impact of the Liberian Government Policy on Compulsory Primary Education and the Special Inclusive Education for the deaf and visually impaired citizens of Liberia. The House Press Bureau said Plenary took the decision Tuesday, February 20, 2024, following a communication from Montserrado County District 4 Representative, Atty. Michael M. Thomas. Representative Thomas brought to the attention of his colleagues, the long-lasting ineffectiveness of the Free and Compulsory Primary Education and the Special Education Policy instituted by the government of Liberia across the educational sector of Liberia. “As we are aware, the Government’s policy on Free and Compulsory Education and Special education in Liberia with its introduction in 2001 and reaffirmed in 2011, is an Educational Reform Act passed by the Liberian Legislature in 2011 to improve the country’s quality of education, to encourage school enrollment, reform the governance structure of the education system and to fulfill the constitutional provision that obligates the government to develop the minds of Liberian Children and people living with Disability through the Special Inclusive Education Division of the Ministry of Education; thus neglectfully leading the deaf and visually impairs into becoming mere street beggars”, Rep. Thomas added. The Montserrado County District 4 Representative said unfortunately, policies and programs outlined by the Ministry of Education have heavily challenged the educational sector, with state actors labeling the sector as a mess with little or no improvement. According to him, it will satiate your curiosity to note that to a larger extent, the availability of education to every Liberian child, and people living with disability will shape the minds of a huge portion of the future leaders in the right perspective and reduce the dangers posed by illiteracy to the basic equity in the social, moral, and political areas of the country. He requested plenary to kindly request the appearance of the Minister of Education to provide a report on the current status of the Free and Compulsory Primary Education and the impact of the Special and inclusive Education for the visually impaired and the Deaf society couple with the vision and role map for the Current administration in improving the Educational sector of the Country. Meanwhile, authorities of the Ministry of Education are expected to appear next week Thursday.

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