Grand Bassa Lawmaker Terms JNB’s Gov’t ‘419’


In a bold and provocative statement, Matthew Joe, the direct Representative of Buchanan District, has once again labeled President Joseph Nyuma Boakai’s government as a “419 Government.” This marks the second occasion where the Grand Bassa District #3 lawmaker has used such strong language to criticize the current administration. The controversy erupted when Rep. Joe took to his official Facebook page to express his sentiments. In a post that quickly garnered attention and reactions, he wrote, “The 419 continues,Your will kill us in this country .” The post, accompanied by emoticons, seemed to encapsulate his frustration and dissatisfaction with the ongoing governance under President Boakai. The term “419” is a reference to fraud or deception, often used colloquially in West Africa to describe situations involving corruption or dishonesty. By employing this term to describe the government, Rep. Joe has sparked debates and discussions across social media platforms and within political circles. This latest critique comes amidst a backdrop of growing public discontent over economic challenges, governance issues, and perceptions of corruption within the Boakai administration. Rep. Joe, known for what others claim is his outspoken nature and advocacy for transparency and accountability, has not shied away from criticizing what he perceives as shortcomings in government policies and actions. As reactions pour in from both supporters and critics of Rep. Joe’s remarks, the discourse on social media continues to amplify the lawmaker’s concerns. The impact of his statement remains to be seen as it resonates among constituents and the wider public. President Boakai’s office has not yet responded to the recent comments made by Rep. Joe. However, political analysts anticipate that this latest controversy will add fuel to the ongoing debates about governance and accountability in Liberia. By: Ablee-Jay

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