“Gov’t Is Open To Your Assessment” -Min. Kamara Assures IMF Delegation


The Minister of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP), Boima S. Kamara, has assured the visiting International Monetary Fund (IMF) Assessment Mission that the Liberian government is open to its assessment team and look forward to addressing issues that will come out of their meetings. Accordingly, a high power IMF delegation is currently in the country to access the country financial management system, and as well hold talks with key actors in that sector. Making remarks at a brief ceremony held at the Finance Ministry on Monday, June 24, 2024 in Monrovia, Min. Kamara asserted that with the help and support of the IMF, government stands ready in meeting all of the prior actions in ensuring that the country can at least get beck on track, adding that everything that is required for the Boards’ approval for Liberia can go on. “We just want to say to Mr. Kim and his team welcome again to Liberia. On behalf of President Joseph N. Boakai, we are highly grateful to have the mission back in Liberia as a follow up on the accessment mission in terms of our prior meeting earlier this year,” he said. He assured the IMF delegation that government remains grateful to that international body for the partnership, while highlighting the importance of restarting the ECF program with the IMF, something he said is very important for the country. “Why is it important, every other engagement with other international partners, the World Bank (WB), European Union (EU), having on track the ECF program will simply means making sure that issues around budgetary support, additional support for critical infrastructure in our country, by USAID and all others will hinge on making sure that Liberia governance practice in the context of prudent fiscal management is important,” he said. According to him, their team at the Ministry has been working along with the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) and the commercial banks in meeting some of the prior actions that they discussed earlier, stating “that is why today we are just reassuring Mr. Kim and his mission that we look forward to a successful mission.” Min. Kamara noted that on the account of ensuring that government is in compliance, they have established a liquidity working group, cash management group, tax expenditure report and administrative regulation, dabet management committee among others. Accordingly, the budget sector working group have also been setup to address issues surrounding the pay roll as it is now being updated, while head counts and cleaning process is currently being carryout by the Civil Servent Agency (CSA).He told the IMF delegation that there is a current freeze on the employment of new staff until government can ensure that the pay roll structure is in tight. “The value added tax has been passed by the legislature. So on this note, we just want to say thank you, and we officially welcome you to Liberia on behalf of the President,” he said.  Macpherson C. Marbiah writes/0886442881-0777250370

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