Gomoa Fetteh Chiefs Want Residents Vacate Budumburam Camp


Traditional authorities in Gomoa Fetteh are urging residents occupying portions of Zone E in the Budumburam Camp to vacate within three working days. This move aims to clear the area for market women currently selling along the main Budumburam stretch, facilitating the establishment of a potential market. The Traditional Authorities cite the market activities as hindrances to the ongoing construction works on the main Kasoa-Cape Coast highway. “To relocate the market women occupying sections of the highway, we have given individuals occupying portions of Zone E area three working days to vacate. This action aims to pave the way for the market women to occupy the space as a designated market area,” Nana Bentum Okyerefu, the Odikro of Kasoa CP, said. They express frustration over the lack of support from the Gomoa East District Assembly regarding this directive. If occupants of Zone E fail to comply within three days, the Traditional Authorities affirm they will proceed with demolitions to clear the area for the market. “We will proceed with the demolition even if the government fails to support us. This is because the people constructing the road are having difficulty as a result of the market women taking over portions of the main Kasoa-Cape Coast highway,” Nana BentumOkyerefu, the Odikro of Kasoa CP, noted. Nana Ahomka, a traditional authority and the Abusuapanyin of one of the families, indicated that they have had little support from the Gomoa East District Assembly regarding the planned demolition, adding that this will pave the way for the construction of the road. “With or without the support of the District Assembly, we will carry out the demolition. As Traditional Authority, we expected the assembly to be on the same page with us, but they are reluctant. And this is preventing us from carrying out the planned demolition. The way and manner the market women are scattered all over the shoulder of the road is not something we should support. Because when a vehicle fails due to its brakes, the potential it can run into them is high. Coupled with the fact that the road is being constructed and this is delaying the process,” Nana Ahomka said.citinewsroom.com

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