From War To Worship -PYJ Mounts Call For United Liberia


Nimba County Senator Prince Y. Johnson’s journey from the shadows of war to the pulpit of peace is taking center stage as he fervently advocates for unity and change in Liberia.  Addressing a captivated audience at the Christ Chapel of Faith Ministry on Sunday, February 18, 2024, the 71-year-old senator, once a figure stuck in controversy for his role in the Liberian civil war and politics, is now urging the nation to focus on a melodious future. Amidst the echoes of his negative past, Senator Johnson, donned in the robes of a preacher, passionately shared his transformative story, having been a key player in Liberia’s civil war, his plea for unity is both believed to be compelling and unexpected. The senator implored his critics to look beyond the pages of history, emphasizing that his current calling as a messenger of peace is divinely ordained. Reflecting on the troubled times that led him down a path of war, Johnson acknowledged the impact of the conflict on the people of Nimba. In an emotional moment, he explained that the challenges of that era shaped his decisions and actions. His message carries a plea for understanding and forgiveness, emphasizing the need for a united front as Liberia navigates the difficulties of its past. Despite calls by majority of the citizens for the establishment of the war and economic crimes court, the senator’s call for unity despite his controversial history, marks a significant chapter in Liberia’s quest for reconciliation as the nation grapples with the scars of war; Johnson’s unexpected transformation offers a gleam of hope and a call to collectively shape a brighter and more harmonious future for Liberia. The once warlord has found a new purpose on the pulpit, echoing a message of redemption and unity that resonates beyond the confines of the Christ Chapel.

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