Former Chief Justice Scott, Others Gets Life Imprisonment By:Yassah J Wright


The Criminal Court “A ” resident Judge Roosevelt Z Willie has Sentenced the former Chief Justice Gloria Musu-Scott and three of her family members for life time, in the case involving the late Charloe Musu murder Saga. The Judge made the decision based on the trial jurors guilty verdict against the crimes Murder, Criminal Conspiracy and raising false alarm to law enforcement officers. The names of these people Sentenced for life are: former Chief Justice Gloria Musu-Scott, Gertrude Newton, Alice Johnson and Rebecca Youdeh Wisner. On December 21, 2023, former Chief Justice Scott, Newton, Johnson and Wisner had been brought down with guilty verdict in open. “We the trial jurors in the case, after careful consideration of the evidence, hereby carefully agree that the defendants former Chief Justice Gloria Musu-Scott, Gertrude Newton, Alice Johnson and Rebecca Youdeh are hereby judged guilty of the crime of murder, criminal conspiracy, and raising false alarm to to law enforcement officers. Meanwhile, there were fifteen jurors on the penal; twelve makes the determination of the verdicts and three on the standby that just in case any of the twelve jurors sick or any problem, those three jurors can replace them. Eleven (11) of the jurors came down with a guilty verdict and one of the jurors give not guilty verdict.  During arguments, Prosecution states that all the evidence the defendants show in court was not exact, so the jurors should charge them guilty because they intentionally killed the late Charloe Musu.  Prosecution say it is not necessary that you see a person committing a crime before been guilty adding that based on the circumstances and their controversial testimonies proves that they killed the girl in the house.  Prosecution noted that they went to the home of former Chief Justice Scott where the incident occurred; they did not see any evidence that someone entered the house to killed Charloe Musu.  They argued that the former Chief Justice contaminated with her own evidence and lie to the police that unknown men attacking her house so that the public can seek sympathy and for her to carry on her evil acts. However, the defendants lawyers said that throughout the trial, prosecution never prove any evidence that former Chief Justice Gloria Musu-Scott and others killed the late Charloe Musu.  The defendants lawyers stated that since the prosecution did not provide any evidence that former Chief Justice Gloria Musu-Scott and others killed Charloe Musu, the jurors should set them free. Defendants’ lawyers argue that prosecution did not show any cause why former Chief Justice Musu-Scott and family should in jail and did not show any purpose of the defendants killing Charloe Musu based on that the jurors should bring a not guilty verdict because the defendants did contribute to the deceased death.Defendants’ lawyers argued that the former Chief Justice Scott and her three family members are ignorance and that Prosecution did not provid e any evidence that linked to them killing Charloe Musu. Moreover, the trial started August 28, 2023, to December 21, 2023. The State was represented as per records Present in Court are the following lawyers: Cllr. Bobby W. Livingstone, Director for Financial Crimes, Ministry of Justice, Cllr. J. Adolphus Karnoua, II, Director for Civil Litigation of the Ministry of Justice, and Atty. Randolph D. M. O Johnson Cllr. Sumo Kutu Akoi, to be joined by Cllr. Swaliho Sesay, Acting County Attorney for Montserrado County, and Atty. J. Dexter Pieyoue. Prosecution said that they are in Court to leave the Court to spread a submission after parties’ representations are noted and submits. While the Defendants continued to be represented as per records with the Following counsels present to be joined by all other counsels of records. Those present include: Cllr. Augustine C. Fayiah, Cllr. Amara Sheriff, Cllr. Jonathan Massaquoi, Cllr. Dr. S. Mohammed Sheriff, and Cllr. Richard J. Scott, Jr. Counsel Says that they are in Court and ready to proceed. And respectfully submit.

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