Fonati Koffa Speakership Ambition Faces Challenges?


The much talked about ambition by the current Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives to ascend to the position of Speaker of the 55th Legislature is reportedly facing major challenges due to his past record. There are growing oppositions to the ascendency of Cllr. Fonati Koffa especially in the United States where he is being accused by that country Bar Association of involvement into a criminal syndicate that reportedly robbed the group huge sum of money. According to the report, the man who is aspiring for the position of Speaker was once jailed for the offense but later released on bail with a promise to restitute the money.

The report alleged further that when the deadline approached for the payment of the money allegedly embezzled, the Deputy Speaker without remorse issued false cheque to the court.

Although charges against him were later relaxed following his election as Representative, there are signs that the matter has not been laid to rest. The United States Court still considers the Aspirant as a common criminal waiting to be arrested in a criminal case that brought his credibility under the spotlight. Since his declaration of intent to become Speaker of the House of Representatives, there have been numerous calls on social media from the United States pleading with lawmakers in Liberia not to elect Cllr. Koffa as House Speaker. One poster warned that electing the lawmaker would eventually erode the confidence American Public has built in the legislature over the years and could plunge the country into a political uncertainty. The poster indicated that the Deputy Speaker is cleverly finding its way to the top job for an opportunity to ill-inform the United States government about the Weah Administration in Monrovia.

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