Ellen Slams Boakai’s Critics


Former Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has fiercely rebuked those who question President Joseph Boakai’s appointments, dismissing their scrutiny as “garbage.”  Speaking on ELBC radio’s “Changing Minds, Changing Attitudes” on Tuesday,  April 30, 2024, Sirleaf expressed her frustration with continued criticism aimed at Boakai’s decisions. “I disregard such criticism because, for every perceived wrong, there are two rights. So, I refuse to entertain such garbage,” Sirleaf asserted during the program. While acknowledging mistakes in appointments and actions, Sirleaf emphasized the need to assess the overall trajectory of governance.  “Mistakes have been made, but we must consider the bigger picture. Are we heading in the right direction overall?” she pondered. Sirleaf emphasized President Boakai’s obligation to uphold the law and ensure compliance with the country’s legal framework in his appointments.  “I expect President Joseph Boakai to be knowledgeable about the law and to adhere to it. His appointments must align with the laws of our country.  That’s what’s expected of him,” she stated firmly. candidate to succeed her. In 2018, former President Sirleaf was accused and later dismissed from the Unity Party of encouraging people to vote against her than vice-president Joseph Boakai. Additionally, Sirleaf expressed dissatisfaction with the critical approach adopted by Liberian journalists, questioning their role in the media landscape.  “What should be the role of Liberian journalists? They seem to find fault with everyone,” she remarked. Source: Lib Latest News231/ By: Jeremiah Mulbah

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