EcoMedia Applauds Volunteers For Monrovia Cleaning Up Drive Appeals Support To Initiative


EcoMedia Development Initiative commends a dedicated group of Liberian volunteers who have taken proactive measures to clean the streets of Monrovia ahead of the festive season and the impending inauguration of the incoming Liberian Government. The initiative, aptly named “Rescue Children for City Ordinance,” boasts approximately 1,800 volunteers actively engaged in clearing debris, unclogging drainages, and eliminating piles of waste across various communities in Monrovia, said Charles S. Kermie, the group’s vice leader. Allen O. Gweh, the group’s leader, emphasized the urgency of enhancing Monrovia’s appearance, citing the current untidiness of the city. Recognizing this need, they mobilized volunteers to contribute towards revitalizing the capital of Africa’s oldest independent country. Darlington Davis, the group’s secretary, highlighted that the project, which commenced on November 20, is slated to span initial three-month duration within Monrovia. Additionally, there are intentions to expand the initiative nationwide, aspiring to transform Liberia into a pristine and beautiful nation. In an official statement released in Monrovia, EcoMedia lauded these cleanliness and sanitation endeavors as an invaluable service to the people of Liberia, warranting wholehearted support and recognition. Danicius Kaihenneh Sengbeh, Executive Director and Founder of EcoMedia, expressed delight in partnering with the volunteers to promote environmental consciousness, cleanliness, and protection. He said  EcoMedia, a newly founded initiative, endeavors to utilize the influence of media in fostering awareness, education, and engagement with the public, government bodies, corporations, and other institutions towards proactive climate change actions and environmental preservation. Sengbeh, a seasoned media and communication expert, underlined the NGO’s commitment to bridging the gap between media, environmental awareness, and practical climate action. He emphasized the objective of instigating a transformative shift in public attitudes by influencing policies, nurturing collaborations, and inspiring a collective dedication to safeguarding the natural world. Meanwhile, EcoMedia is advocating for widespread support for the Liberian volunteers, acknowledging their patriotic and nationalistic efforts. The group’s representatives are appealing for donations of brooms, shovels, boots, gloves, water, food, garbage bags, and disposal vehicles. Hellen K. Foryah, overseeing operations along the Japanese Highway (formerly Somalia Drive), emphasized the group members’ commitment by bringing their own tools; however, the available resources are insufficient. Foryah elaborated, “We only possess one wheelbarrow and two shovels, lacking gloves and boots, while more than 20 people are actively involved.” The group is dedicated to clearing drainages but faces challenges due to the absence of trucks and adequate equipment to dispose of the waste. EcoMedia emphasized the commendable intentions of the Rescue Children for City Ordinance, but warned that without support from the government, communities and environmental organizations, these endeavors might not yield the desired impact. For contribution to the initiative, reach out to: Allen O Gweh – 0776476147; Charles S. Kermie – 0777967374; Darlington Davis -0777849015 &) For inquiries about EcoMedia Development Initiative, call 0777586531/0886196444;

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