Diplomatic Passport Allegation Linking VP Taylor Refuted


The Independent Societal Watch Advocates (ISWA) said it is seriously concerned about the recent allegation of a Liberian diplomatic passport scandal linking the Office of the Honorable Vice President of the Republic of Liberia, Chief Dr. Jewel Howard-Taylor in a publication by FrontPage Africa on Tuesday, September 5th, 2023.

FPA in a publication on September 5, 2023, alleged in the passport scandal, that the Honorable Vice President, who is being seen in several photos with Stephen Ochieng Nyahera, a Kenyan national who is believed to be a contact person between the alleged Liberian passport syndicate and some foreigners; also bears a Liberian diplomatic passport in January 2022.

ISWA said having thoroughly investigated such ‘dangerous’ allegation against the office of the Vice President,  categorically and unequivocally,  after several investigations; said assertion and publication against Vice President Howard-Taylor are diabolically malicious, politically-driven, and a distraction to the campaign of the re-election bid of  President George M. Weah and  VP Jewel Howard-Taylor.

“Seeing the massive political boost, enthusiasm, and gravity in the re-election bid of the duo, and given the strong political influence the Honorable Vice President has, coupled with the current realities of political happenings in the country; ISWA sees this publication as a political distraction and machinations intended to derail the reputation and focus of this honorable stateswoman” the group noted. 

As such, ISWA maintained that the publication linking the Vice President is unfair, and has the proclivity to destroy the Vice President’s high-earned reputation. “As a student of diplomacy and law, Madam Howard-Taylor would never be involved in a scandalous act that has the propensity to bring the office of the Vice President vis-a-vis the Government of Liberia to international disrepute and embarrassment,” the group said.

Furthermore, ISWA urged those behind such malicious political propaganda and chicanery to devise a better strategy that would sell their political interest and sway the citizenry from the re-election bid of President Weah and the Vice President, rather than spewing falsehood and distorted lies.

The Independent Societal Watch Advocates (ISAW) is a conglomeration of all conscious-minded and independent rights advocates, whose quest is to ensure that Liberia as a country is on the right path to perfect development and adequate independent human rights protection.

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