Czech Republic Consulate Officially Opens In Liberia By: Julius Konton


Another Boost towards  Liberia’s foreign policy following the official opening of the Consulate of Czech Republic in Liberia. The interest of Czech Republic In Liberia following the official opening of its offices in Liberia will be represented by Momo T. Cyrus .Speaking at  the opening  ceremony Amb. Jan Fury Ambassador of Czech Republic stressed that the program marked a concrete and important step towards strengthening mutual relations between Czech Republic and Liberia. He stated that both Countries are peaceful and have promoted respect for international rules, international law including the peaceful resolution of disputes. At the same time Ambassador Fury appreciated Liberia for its principal position against the unprovoked Russian aggression in Ukraine. The Czech’s diplomat used the occasion to pledged his Country’s readiness to work together with Liberia whilst urging Liberia to mutually support their candidate (Momo Cyrus) in multilateral organizations. Highlighting priorities for mutual interest, Amb. Fury emphasized cooperation in defence and security, cyber security adding that without security there will be no prosperity. Other important areas he pointed out that his Country will explore interest in are: climate change, health, energy, water including waste disposal as well as mining and processing of strategic minerals. He reflected that since 2004, Czech Republic had been buying Liberian iron Ore which is suitable for his Country’s metallurgical processing, however, in the last two years; such exchange has been drastically reduced. Mr. Fury re-emphasized his Country’s interest stating that they remain interested in purchasing Liberian iron ore. ” We would like to initiate discussions on strengthening this cooperation and possibly expanding it to include other resources for the benefit of both Countries”, he added. According to him the opening of its Consulate in Liberia is a milestone relations between Czech Republic and Liberia.  ” Our long running effort to establish an Honorary Consulate in Monrovia have been successfully completed and I am honored to introduce Momo TarnueKollie Cyrus as our Honorary Consul of Czech Republic In Liberia”, he disclosed. The two Countries he intimated have historically enjoyed long standing Diplomatic relations dating back as 1972 at embassy level. He said even though resident mission have not yet been established but such did not detract them from deepening the relationship. “Our office in Accra is active for Liberia, the Liberian embassy in Berlin used to be accredited to the Czech Republic unfortunately, this is not the case now, however,  I believe that renewing the Liberian Embassy’s accreditation to Prague as soon as possible would greatly benefit Czech Republic Liberia relations”, he noted. The ceremony was witnessed by government officials as well as members of the Diplomatic corps here in Liberia who also welcomed and encouraged the Honorary Consul of Czech Republic In Liberia Momo Cyrus and assured him of mutual relationships and collaboration for the benefit of the larger society.  At the same time Assistant Minister Juah thanked Czech Republic for its long standing relations between the. and Liberia.

He also recommitted Liberia’s continued collaboration and further strengthening the Diplomatic relations for the benefit of the two Countries. In brief remarks with smiles over his face, Momo Cyrus, Honorary Consul of the Czech Republic In Liberia welcomed the gathering to his now office and promised to work  collaboratively in the common interest of the two Countries.

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